Business Data Visualization

Business Data Visualization is the Key to Greater Insight

Enterprises have invested heavily in information technology in an effort to achieve competitive advantage. When decision-makers can get the information they need to make timely decisions with confidence, the enterprise has a better change to compete in the global market. Many enterprise business intelligence solutions and decision-making software packages are available to assist in this task, and choosing the right one presents a challenge. One key differentiator is business data visualization. When decision-makers can see information visually, they are able to absorb and comprehend it more quickly. They can identify relationships they never saw before, isolate outliers that may hold significance, and easily spot trends and patterns. For data visualization technology used by thousands of users worldwide, consider Spotfire.

Spotfire® Delivers Data Visualization for Enhanced Analytics

Spotfire provides enterprises with a powerful yet easy-to-use environment where flexible data visualization tools allow users to interact freely with their information. Not only can they easily see their data in a variety of visualizations, they can query it and see results immediately. Where other analytic and intelligence applications require significant time or expertise to customize reports and queries, Spotfire allows even novice users to ask and answer any question quickly. This capability, along with the insights gained through data visualization, make Spotfire an important tool for operational managers and other decision-makers who rely on information to make decisions very quickly. Spotfire can be used with any information source—Spotfire easily imports and integrates information from diverse sources throughout the enterprise. And Spotfire's open architecture means it can be quickly integrated with other enterprise information technology such as data warehousing and mining or CRM systems, adding value and increasing ROI on those investments.

Data Visualization Allows Enterprises to Achieve Better Performance

Around the world enterprises in every vertical are using Spotfire analytics' data visualization capabilities to enhance performance and remain competitive.
  • Financial decision-makers work with Spotfire on enterprise risk management initiatives, attribution analysis and portfolio management.
  • Oil and gas companies use Spotfire to optimize exploratory development , turn novel plays into prospects and better manage risk.
  • Semiconductor manufacturers rely on Spotfire to streamline production processes and improve device characterization .
  • Sales and marketing divisions use Spotfire to optimize resources, measure campaign effectiveness and observe trends in customer behavior.
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