Financial Analytics

Superior Analytics Optimize Financial Performance

Success in the financial sector today is largely dependent on having the best information and acting on it quickly. Investment professionals, traders, compliance managers, and many others all need access to the intelligence that can give them a competitive edge. For these professionals, financial analytics provides a way to gain actionable insight quickly. A great number of firms have invested in a business intelligence application to assist in this effort. A superior business intelligence tool will offer financial analytics with a visual capability that actually allows users to "see" their information so they can more easily spot trends and identify significant relationships. For a business intelligence system with superior data visualization , enterprises worldwide rely on Spotfire.

Spotfire® Offers Financial Analytics for Asset Management and Banking

Spotfire is a leading provider of visual analytics software for the financial industry. Spotfire gives users the ability to visually interact with their data, asking any question they want in order to reveal hidden patterns and biases. From a single session, without needing to get the help or support of IT staff, users can interact with a series of visual representations of data upon demand. Views, filters and queries can be changed with the click of a mouse. This allows users to ask new questions that occur during analysis and get immediate answers. Users can share sessions with colleagues or export them to applications like Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® and Adobe Acrobat®.

In addition to financial analytics, Spotfire also serves as an analytical tool for major enterprises worldwide. From bioinformatics in life sciences companies to systematic yield enhancement in semiconductor manufacturing, Spotfire delivers insight faster, so organizations can compete more aggressively.

Financial Analytics Solutions for Every Aspect of the Industry

Spotfire's powerful financial analytics capabilities can help to improve performance in a wide variety of disciplines:
  • Attribution analysis—generate comprehensive views of portfolio returns
  • Security selection—clearly identify the characteristics of securities that are the driving investments behind a portfolio
  • Compliance and risk—visually inspect portfolios against compliance tables to assure conformity to investment guidelines
  • Sales and marketing—leverage external market data and internal data to better define targeted marketing and sales strategies
  • Capital markets risk—develop best practices and monitor internal risk limits
  • Asset/liability—prepare for Basel II by strengthening focus on credit and operational risks
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