Information Visualization

Information Visualization Improves Comprehension of Business Intelligence 

Business intelligence has become an integral part of enterprise competitiveness. Using the insight gained from various business intelligence applications, enterprises are able to improve performance throughout the organization and increase their ability to compete. Decision-makers rely on business intelligence reporting tools to make better and faster decisions, while researchers and analysts use data mining tools to predict trends and analyze customer behavior. When working with technology to get faster access to business intelligence, information visualization is key. By representing data visually, users gain faster access to critical insight. In today's competitive marketplace, enterprises around the world have made Spotfire a leader in information visualization applications.

Spotfire® Provides Information Visualization for Enterprises Worldwide

With enterprise customers around the world, Spotfire is used daily by thousands of executives, operational managers, line-of-business professionals, researchers, and other decision-makers. Spotfire provides technology that enables users to interact with their data through advanced information visualization techniques. Using dynamic query devices and a variety of visualizations, users can explore their information in many different ways. They can ask questions and get answers immediately. They can pose what-if scenarios and see the results without needing assistance from IT experts. Information visualization allows decision-makers to more quickly understand the hidden relationships in their data and identify trends that can be exploited for competitive advantage. Spotfire is built on an open architecture and is data agnostic, allowing it to explore any data set and integrate easily with other business intelligence technology. Currently, Spotfire is used by many enterprises for a diverse range of tasks such as financial compliance and risk , CRM analytics and to enhance screening software in life sciences research.

Reporting Features use Information Visualization to Improve Collaboration

Spotfire promotes more collaborative analysis through interactive reports and guided analytics. Spotfire's Web-based reports include interactive visualizations that allow recipients to interact with the information themselves. Reports can also be created in common office suite programs like Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®, as well as in HTML. Spotfire Guided Analytics™ functionality provides a way for experienced users to share their knowledge and instruction . With Guided Analytics, users can capture the steps they perform in complex analytical explorations, and package that knowledge for use by others or as best practices. This allows users throughout the organization to use Spotfire's visual analytics to solve business challenges.

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