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Big Data Is Driving Big Hiring Boom

rock star1 Big Data Is Driving Big Hiring BoomThe deluge of data flowing into many companies from the Web, social networks, mobile devices and other sources is driving an urgent need for companies to find and hire people who can collect and interpret that data.

For those with the technical chops to muzzle big data and the business acumen to mold it into actionable insight for businesses, there are five cities driving big data job growth, according to Modis, an IT staffing firm.

San Francisco tops the list, followed by McLean, Virginia, Boston, St. Louis and Toronto. Modis notes that the top jobs in these cities include data scientists, data analysts, business intelligence professional and data modelers.

Laura Kelley, a Modis vice president in Houston, notes that these roles have become more important to companies as data volumes have grown. However, she adds that the right candidates can be particularly difficult to find because “many roles require a complicated blend of business, analytic, statistical and computer skills – which is not something a candidate acquires overnight.”

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How to Battle the Looming Shortage of Data Scientists

coats 150x150 How to Battle the Looming Shortage of Data ScientistsConsider it a supply and demand challenge.

Analytics is front of mind for key decision makers. In fact, it was cited by Gartner as the top IT priority for CIOs and CFOs this year. But all this energy and excitement around analytics may come at a steep cost.

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How to Become a Data Scientist

How to become a data scientist How to Become a Data Scientist

Steven Hillion, Vice President of Analytics at EMC Greenplum

OK, so remember when we told you data analyst jobs are hotter than hot? Or that by 2018,  as demand for data analysts continues to skyrocket, there won’t be enough qualified people to go around.

Well, turns out, we were on the right track.

According to an article in Forbes magazine, businesses are going to need data scientists to make sense of the mounds of data piled up from every direction, if they want to beat out their competitors. In fact, the skills of the data analyst are essential to the 21st century enterprise.

Dan Woods (@danwoodscito), the author of the Forbes piece, turned to Steven Hillion, vice president of analytics at EMC Greenplum, to get some insight into the importance of the role of the data scientist.

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Deloitte Analytics: A Social Media Website for BI Insiders

Delloite Analytics Deloitte Analytics:  A Social Media Website for BI InsidersConsulting, auditing, and analytics giant Deloitte has combined two very contemporary technologies – business analytics and social media – in a newly launched website, Real Analytics,

As described in a Deloitte press release, via Reuters, the new site is intended for industry insiders to offer analytic insights, share knowledge and best practices, and problem resolution. The release goes on to describe the new site’s ultimate goal as solving “crunchy,” vexing problems.

A Business Perspective

As befits a firm with roots going back to the 19th century, Deloitte appears to be aiming Real Analytics primarily at the business dimensions of BI and business analytics, rather than the technological aspect of analytics. Its core target audience is executives and managers rather than engineers and mathematicians. (Although the engineers and mathematicians might be interested in seeing how the tools they build are being used in the field.) The articles so far have been written by Deloitte consulting principals, with Deloitte executives appearing as guest posters.

The site features deliberately provocative pieces, which the header menu calls Real Views. The next tab, Business Issues, offers articles, case studies, and insights into each of five types of analytics: customer, financial, risk, supply chain, and workforce.

The Real Views article currently featured is by Deloitte Consulting principal John Houston, entitled “Digging for the Next Great Employee.” Houston talks about the impact that online search and analytics have on the hiring process.

Until recently firms knew little about prospective hires – what they said on their resumés, a couple of phone calls to check references, and a search of legal records were about it. Now analytics can turn up applicants’ every online political rant or pop-culture snark, along with all too much about their personal as well as professional lives.

Joining The Discussion

Houston steps delicately over the potentially explosive social consequences of all this data entering into the hiring process. But the article’s 18 comments further draw out some of these issues. (Anyone can read posts and comments; a free site subscription is required in order to comment.) One commenter asks what happens to candidates with minimal social profiles? Are they protected from embarrassment, or do they end up looking like recluses? Or both?

These responses help to point out the power of social media. Comment threads fill in and expand on points made in the original post, and display the greater latitude of people who are representing only themselves, albeit in a professional context.

Twitter results for DeloitteBA are, at this writing, dominated by the site’s own tweets, but people do seem to be noticing, as the active comment thread also indicates.

Will Real Analytics catch on as a center of BI and analytics discussion? It is far too early to say how large and varied a community the site will draw. But for Deloitte, Real Analytics is an effective vehicle for highlighting its analysts’ insights, and a hum of discussion can only help.

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Are Data Analysts More Like Batman or Superman?

Are Data Analysts Like Batman or Superman Are Data Analysts More Like Batman or Superman?As we move into the tail end of summer, I figured it’s a good time for a Friday Afternoon Fun Post on superheroes. After all, as data analyst demand and salaries continue to climb, you are likely feeling like a superhero. The question is which one:  Batman or Superman?

Data Analysts are Like Batman

A blogger at the Business Intelligence Reporting Community, believes data analysts have a lot in common with the Caped Crusader because they do their best work in the shadows. And that’s where some feel data analysts are most powerful — behind the scenes.

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How to Become a Data Analyst

How to be a Data Analysts 300x252 How to Become a Data AnalystSo you breezed (or perhaps stumbled) through your stats classes. Now you’re looking to develop a career in data analytics and business intelligence. A wise and lofty ambition. I admire people who love numbers, statistics and data. Unfortunately I’m not one of those people. Probably why I majored in English in college. However,  I can still offer you some tips on how to develop a career in this explosive industry. Let’s check in with some experts like Eduardas Valaitis, a consultant in Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s national economics and statistics practice.

One of the things Valaitis recommends is improving your software proficiency and programming skills. As technology improves and the industry grows, statistics software packages are becoming easier to use. They’re so friendly, in fact, that they include point-and-click interfaces so you don’t really have to know any of the programming language that’s under the hood. However, Valaitis “strongly recommends”

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More Proof that “Data Geek” Jobs are Hotter than Hot

hotjobs postit 281x300 More Proof that Data Geek Jobs are Hotter than HotLast Friday Gregory Piatetsky (@kdnuggets) tweeted that data scientist was “hot IT job No. 2” on a list of the six hottest new jobs in IT, according to CIO Magazine (@ciomagazine).

The reason is that big data represents a huge opportunity for companies because it likely includes important information about customer behavior, security risks, potential system failures, and more, according to CIO. But just having all that information isn’t enough. The challenge for most companies is hiring the right people to figure out how to mine all that data.

Enter the data scientist or the “data geek” as described by Jorge Garcia (@jgptec) in a recent blog post.

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Top 5 Reasons “Data Geek” Jobs are on the Rise

BI Data Analytics Jobs are Hot 300x199 Top 5 Reasons Data Geek Jobs are on the Rise Last week I discussed how “Data Geeks” are in demand as salaries continue to climb.   Since that post received such a great response, here is a follow up post on this explosive career path.

Top 5 Reasons “Data Geek” Jobs are on the Rise

1) “Data Geeks” uncover business insight that businesses require to remain competitive.
2) “Data Geeks” help businesses become more agile.
3) “Data Geeks” cannot be easily outsourced.
4) “Data Geeks” support businesses’ need for new data, dashboards and reporting.
5) “Data Geeks” cannot be easily commoditized.

My Inspiration for the Top 5 List

In a recent blog post, technology expert and IT pro Malick Md said that although the various IT careers have had up and downs, there has been steady growth in the Business Intelligence field. In fact, BI is one of the only fields that has continued to grow even in the face of economic downturn. This trend will continue as more and more companies depend on deeper business insight to remain competitive.

Forrester VP and principal analyst, Boris Evelson (@bevelson) , recently told Integration Developer News (IDN) that BI and data analytics projects are on the rise, which bodes well for career opportunities in BI and analytics for IT integration, software and data architects.

According to Evelson, organizations are starting to jump on the BI bandwagon to become more agile so they can meet the changing needs of business users.

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“Data Geeks” in Demand as Salaries Climb in 2011

Data Mining Salary Up in 2011 300x300 Data Geeks in Demand as Salaries Climb in 2011OK, so your company has taken a big step toward operating more efficiently by implementing a business intelligence (BI) solution—or it’s planning to install one in the near future. But if that’s the case then you’re probably also going to have to enlist the help of a new type of worker—a “data geek”—to make sense of all that BI data.

At least that’s the opinion of Jorge Garcia, a research analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers Inc.  Organizations that use business analytics software can improve their decision-making processes if they have the right set of tools and the right people—those data geeks—in place, Garcia says.

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