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Insights into “Big Opportunities with Big Data & Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers”

Packaging goods is no secret to the consumer goods market, but unpacking the insights from the deluge of data this sector brings is a challenge for many companies.

shutterstock 69081949 300x201 Insights into “Big Opportunities with Big Data & Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers”However, big data analytics can help consumer goods organizations derive value from past, present and future data and solve big business problems such as how to:

  • Manufacture products with fewer steps.
  • Deliver new products to market with more efficiency and lower startup costs.
  • Perform customer service more effectively.

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Power Up Your Fantasy Football Draft with Data Analytics

For most of the summer, we thought professional football may have been a fantasy in 2011. However, the negotiations worked and we will have a 2011 NFL season. That means it’s time to build your Fantasy Football Team.

And Spotfire is here to help you with the Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer. Put the power of data analytics on your side as you draft your winning team. We have analysis on quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, kickers as well as depth charts and a scoring cheat sheet to help you recruit the right team right now.

For example, the video below demonstrates how the app reveals insights into which quarterbacks are most durable and consistently productive.

I’m wondering if it can predict if Brett Favre will back up Peyton Manning this season.  Then again, do I really want to know?

Amanda Brandon
Spotfire Blogging Team

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