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How Does In-Memory Processing Work?

j03995511 150x150 How Does In Memory Processing Work?Understanding the basics of in-memory processing is as easy as learning your ABC’s:

A:  What is it?

In-memory processing is a fairly simple yet very powerful innovation.  Here’s how it works:

Retrieving data from disk storage is the slowest part of data processing.  And the more data you need to work with, the more the retrieval step slows down the analytics process.  The usual way of addressing this time problem has been to pre-process data in some way (cubes, query sets, aggregate tables, etc.) so the computer can “go get” a smaller number of records.  But those approaches typically require guessing in advance what data should be selected, and how it should be arranged for analysis.  If/when the analyst needs more or different data, it’s back to the drawing-board.

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