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Top BI Resolutions and Trends for 2012 from Industry Experts

Top BI and Analytics Resolutions in 2012 300x150 Top BI Resolutions and Trends for 2012 from Industry ExpertsWe pulled three BI industry pundits away from their cork-popping and horn-blowing just after midnight on January 1st to get their takes on the top BI resolutions and trends for this new year.

Here’s what they had to say through all that noise and hoopla:

Our Panel of Experts

  • Julie B. Hunt (@juliebhunt) - Julie B. Hunt is a 25+-year software industry solution strategist and analyst with experience ranging from the very technical side to customer-centric work in solutions consulting, sales and marketing. Julie shares her takes on the software industry via her blog Highly Competitive.
  • Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, PhD (@kdnuggets) – Piatetsky-Shapiro is the founder of KDD (data mining and knowledge discovery conferences) and is one of the leading experts in the field. He is also editor of
  • Marcus Borba (@marcusborba) – Borba is a 27-year BI and performance management consulting veteran from Brazil and shares his insights on the Business Intelligence News blog.

Top BI Resolutions for Companies

Hunt: Stop data hoarding in your company and turn your entire business into an intelligence-rich organization. Make sure everyone understands the value of data, has access to analytics tools and results, is open to sharing data across departments and teams (as appropriate) to make sure everyone has the data assets that they need for decision-making, planning, innovation and so on. Read more on this here.

Piatetsky-Shapiro: More coverage of big data – Hadoop, companies, tools, and the big data ecosystem. I also plan to have more personal experience with cloud analytics.

Borba: Take advantage of the emerging BI trends to make organizations actually become a democracy of information, with business intelligence being used for everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Top 3 Trends for Industry


  1. BI and analytics on mobile devices – the momentum continues to build; everyone wants business anything and everything on mobile devices. The two big questions continue to be: what kind of analytics should be on mobile devices, and is there sufficient security when delivering certain sorts of analytics results?
  2. More BI and analytics software offerings tailored for the specific needs of e-commerce and marketing activities, in a more “real-time” mode. Most current offerings seem to be failing the needs of professionals in these areas, which means new opportunities for agile vendors.
  3. Increasing interest in data virtualization as an alternative or a complementary play to traditional data integration/enterprise data warehousing as the “back end” for more enterprise business intelligence and analytics processes, as well as improved decision-management systems. There has been a great deal of buzz about data virtualization over the past couple of years and top vendors for [data virtualization] have solid customer cases to prove the value.


  1. Mobile – not so much mobile consumption as using location data for new services.
  2. Social is still a big trend.
  3. Data and analytics in the cloud.

I also see that big data is approaching the hype peak, and expect to see the bursting of the big data bubble in the next two years. See my recent presentation at the SuperData Conference that looks at the history and current state of analytics and data mining and examines the effects of big data here.


  1. Mobile BI – The proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise, and the need to make decisions anywhere/anytime accessing real-time analytics make mobile BI remain a hot topic. There are several companies that specialize in developing mobile BI applications and most BI vendors also have developed a mobile version. Howard Dresner, who recently published the latest version of the Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study, considers that mobile BI becomes fundamentally the new platform for business intelligence.
  2. Cloud BI – The cloud-based BI will boost the use of BI. The cloud model allows the companies to save money, with faster implementation without substantial investments. It is also ease of use. Although there are many concerns about implementing BI on the cloud (mainly security), the vendors and the market as a whole have matured. It is important to remember that it’s necessary to have a well-defined data integration strategy to implement a successful cloud-based BI.
  3. Big Data – The amount of data in our world has been growing exponentially, and the uses of big data in the BI scenario will allow companies to put data to work more efficiently. They could really turn into data-driven enterprises.
Next Steps:  Share your thoughts on the top BI trends of 2012 in the comments, be sure to subscribe to our blog and brace yourself for an explosive year in business intelligence!

Amanda Brandon
Spotfire Blogging Team

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Top 7 Predictions for BI in 2012

BI Predictions 2012 Top 7 Predictions for BI in 2012It’s almost that time of year again. For some of us it’s time to start thinking about making resolutions for the new year we’re probably never going to keep.

For others, it’s time to look into the future and make a few predictions for business intelligence in 2012.

I’ll be honest. I fit into the first category. Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst, Boris Evelson (@bevelson), on the other hand, took his crystal ball out of storage recently and came up with his top 10 predictions for BI in 2012.

Let’s take a look at seven of his ten predictions:

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The Power of Cloud-based BI and Analytics

TIBCO SILVER SPOTFIRE 2.0 300x168 The Power of Cloud based BI and AnalyticsThanks to the exponential growth in the use of unstructured data by companies, including social customer data, many decision-makers are wrestling with the most effective ways to analyze real-time data quickly and effectively.

These escalating data demands are just one of the reasons there’s growing market interest in cloud-based analytics. While Gartner forecasts the global business intelligence (BI) market to grow 9.7% this year to $10.8 billion, business analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) is expected to grow three times faster than the total business analytics software market, according to Brian McDonough, research manager for IDC’s Business Analytics Solutions research service.

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Will Supply Chain BI Work For Your Company?

j04352451 150x150 Will Supply Chain BI Work For Your Company?If you want to effectively manage your supply chain, you have to invest in business intelligence (BI) software.

That’s the word from the Aberdeen Group, which conducted a survey of 149 supply chain professionals in March and April 2011. The report, “Business Intelligence Command and Control Center for the Chief Supply Chain Officer,” looked at the challenges enterprises face in managing their complex, global business operations. The report also identified the top strategic actions that top companies are taking to operate more efficiently through business intelligence.

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Seven Business Intelligence Project Pitfalls

Business Intelligence Project Failures 300x199 Seven Business Intelligence Project Pitfalls

All enterprise-wide initiatives that introduce change are subject to stumbling blocks along the way, and business intelligence implementations are no different. From Booz & Co., here are seven potential risks or project pitfalls you may encounter when implementing a business intelligence solution, and some suggestions on how to avoid them before they happen. 

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Six Characteristics of Best-In-Class Business Intelligence

Best In Class Business Intelligence 214x300 Six Characteristics of Best In Class Business IntelligenceMetrics are at the core of business intelligence. They are arguably the most important aspect of a business intelligent project and probably the most difficult as well. A recent whitepaper from Booz & Co. observes that most companies have not put enough thought and rigor into establishing the metrics used to measure itself, sometimes measuring thousands of key performance indicators rather than a few metrics that really make a difference.

Establishing the right metrics requires a deep understanding of where a company is today and where it wants to be in the future and should be customized to fit the organization’s strategy and goals. From expert interviews, research and analysis, Booz & Co. established the following six criteria to use when selecting metrics and performance measurement criteria and implementing them in a business intelligence solution to ensure a best-in-class business intelligence implementation.

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Get People and Processes in Line Before Social BI Changes Decision Game

sm flat tilt iPad pic 150x150 Get People and Processes in Line Before Social BI Changes Decision GameIn the third quarter of 2010, Genesis Management Consulting Group launched the results of its second global survey on strategic decision-making. The survey defined strategic decision as a decision that “could have fundamental and significant impact on the organization.”

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How Business Intelligence Wins In Financial Services Now

Stacks of paper1 How Business Intelligence Wins In Financial Services NowFor Jason Webster of Archteype Consulting Inc., the increasing use of business intelligence and corporate performance management software reflects a swing back toward accountability, driven partly by regulatory changes such as Sarbanes-Oxley and other laws that followed the corporate scandal.  Some companies have taken the mandates and turned them into a competitive edge.  More enterprises, using data visualization and analytics tools, inspired an analogy worthy of the Boston Marathon: “ If BI/CPM is the road that gets your organization there, your reporting and analytics solution is the last mile.”

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3 Key Questions for Data Analytics Projects

Occams Razor 3 Key Questions for Data Analytics ProjectsIn a recent BNET article, Michael Hess, shared a philosophy for making business as simple as possible. Called Occam’s Razor, this philosophy boils down to making things as simple as possible to increase action and productivity across the organization. Hess has three questions worth considering when you are implementing or evaluating data analytics or business intelligence projects across the organization.

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In-Memory Analytics and the Future of Business From Booz & Co.

in memory analytics In Memory Analytics and the Future of Business From Booz & Co.We couldn’t have said this better ourselves (though we may have tried in the past year) so please read the two articles in the current issue of IT Foresight from Booz & Co. focusing on the emergence and importance of in-memory analytics and extracting the most value from Business Intelligence systems.

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