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Category Archives: Financial Analytics


Analytics: The Power to Predict Equity Markets

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq Composite Index are continuing their steady growth this year in the face of continued economic uncertainty.

smart money markets Analytics: The Power to Predict Equity Markets It leaves investors and other market-watchers to wonder just how much upside is left in the market. More to the point: to what extent can predictive analytics be used to guide us on the market’s likely direction?

Naturally, pundits are sharing all forms of bullish and bearish outlooks.

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Strengthening Customer Loyalty via Data Discovery

One of the strengths of analytics tools is their ability to reveal previously hidden insights about customers to help companies strengthen their relationships with those customers.

customer loyualty Strengthening Customer Loyalty via Data DiscoveryThis includes mining information that customers share in social media channels and contact center interactions that can uncover the types of things that matter most to customers (e.g., timely service, consistent experiences, private shopping opportunities).

Strategies for attracting and retaining customers are much simpler when efforts to drive repeat business are largely centered around segmenting customers and creating the right incentives and rewards to earn loyalty, as a recent article in Information Management highlights.

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3 Ways Financial Analytics Turn Customer Complaints into Positive Opportunities

Bill Gates once said, “ Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

And that’s an area where financial analytics can pay off this year – growth through complaints. It’s a tactic that’s recommended by research from both Ernst and Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

michael4 3 Ways Financial Analytics Turn Customer Complaints into Positive OpportunitiesUse Data to Fix Bad Experiences

In its annual Experience Radar: 2013, US Retail Banking report, PwC says that banks should “fix the bad first.”

“Two out of five customers shifted business to another bank after a bad experience. Turn issues into opportunities to build loyalty,” one key finding suggests.

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