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Life Is Data: Using Data to Attack Hunger

As big data and analytics tools become more prevalent and easier for people of all walks of life to access, the consumerization of data is opening up untold possibilities for quality-of-life improvements in different corners of the globe.

shutterstock 167596514 300x171 Life Is Data: Using Data to Attack HungerWhen leveraged effectively, big data is meant to inform us and help us ask the questions that will lead to a change in the way we think about the world

Big data analytics tools enable us to crunch massive amounts of information, analyze it in real time, and explore connections in the data to look for patterns and draw conclusions so we can make the best decisions about how to solve real-life problems.

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Big Data Analytics: Shaping the Future of Public Service

Increasingly people and businesses have become interconnected through digital technologies such as social and mobile, which gives them immediate access to information.

shutterstock 90648994 300x290 Big Data Analytics: Shaping the Future of Public ServiceAs such, citizens and companies have developed heightened expectations for receiving higher levels of service from government agencies.

But as government entities are beset by budget cuts and staff reductions, it’s becoming more and more difficult for organizations in the public sector to meet the needs and rising expectations of citizens and businesses.

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