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The Data Analytics of Hurricane Irene

thumbnail5 The Data Analytics of Hurricane IreneAt the time I’m writing this, nearly 4 million people are without power due to the damage caused by Hurricane Irene, which made landfall this past Saturday morning. A Category 1 hurricane at her U.S. mainland debut, Irene wasn’t nearly as destructive or as powerful as the infamous Category 5 Hurricane Katrina which celebrates her sixth anniversary today.

However, Irene’s damage has been estimated to be about $2.6 billion in the United States, Kinetic Analysis Corp. told Bloomberg on Sunday. The total economic impact of the killer storm is expected to settle somewhere around $7 billion, about half of last week’s projection of as much as $14 billion. Katrina’s impact was  $133.8 billion in damages and more than 1,800 fatalities, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

While this data is staggering, what’s even more staggering is the data analytics that powers these estimates.

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Ventana Research 2009 in Review: Innovation Expands Scope of Business Intelligence

j0443160 150x150 Ventana Research 2009 in Review:  Innovation Expands Scope of Business IntelligenceWe’ve highlighted several trend predictions for business intelligence and analytics for 2010; now we’ll look at Ventana Research’s 2009 Business Technology Priorities in Review.  According to Ventana, their look back “offers not only a history, but some lessons learned as well, and some food for thought as we enter 2010.”  Ventana’s perspective covers a wide range of business technologies, but we’ll focus on their observations regarding business intelligence and analytics.

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Using Business Intelligence Tools to Automate Operational Risk Management

bank bldg 150x150 Using Business Intelligence Tools to Automate Operational Risk ManagementWe’ve admittedly bitten off a large chunk of subject matter with this blog topic. We believe that business intelligence (BI) tools would be a component (and potentially a large component) of automating operational risk management. We are realists though and understand that business intelligence tools like TIBCO Spotfire would more often than not be part of a heterogeneous stack of tools that work together to automate operational risk management. It’s one of the reasons we’ve designed and delivered Spotfire to play nice with other CRM, systems management, data warehouses, email systems and other customer facing software.

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Risk Management and BI Cloud Computing – Will It Work and Who’s in Charge?

CloudCompStructure 150x150 Risk Management and BI Cloud Computing – Will It Work and Who’s in Charge?As Cloud Computing matures, will it evolve into a viable platform used by financial services organizations, including Risk Management?  If so, are Business Intelligence (BI) tools the best mechanism to access, navigate, manipulate, and report on the Cloud-based data and content?  If we oversimplify and look at Cloud Computing as simply picking up our data centers and placing them in the Cloud, then our existing BI tools would likely follow. However, if we look at financial services, and specifically Risk Management, the questions become:

  • Who is in charge of minimizing risk when BI happens in the Cloud?
  • Should any of the risk extend to the Cloud provider?

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