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The Power of Cloud-based BI and Analytics

TIBCO SILVER SPOTFIRE 2.0 300x168 The Power of Cloud based BI and AnalyticsThanks to the exponential growth in the use of unstructured data by companies, including social customer data, many decision-makers are wrestling with the most effective ways to analyze real-time data quickly and effectively.

These escalating data demands are just one of the reasons there’s growing market interest in cloud-based analytics. While Gartner forecasts the global business intelligence (BI) market to grow 9.7% this year to $10.8 billion, business analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) is expected to grow three times faster than the total business analytics software market, according to Brian McDonough, research manager for IDC’s Business Analytics Solutions research service.

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Smart Appliances, Smarter Business with Analytics Built In

j04330851 150x150 Smart Appliances, Smarter Business with Analytics Built In When you spend days focused on business intelligence, it’s easy to believe that software and data has the answers to important questions.   Or you may think that people have all the answers.   In fact,  ‘smart devices’ with timers  to schedule on/off  and other intelligence can provide ways to save time, energy and money.  Things are getting “smarter” thanks to built-in monitoring and savvy algorithms — from the data center to your home office.

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Waste Not, Want Not, But Know More Through Analytics

j0409647 150x150 Waste Not, Want Not, But Know More Through AnalyticsFrom auto tailpipes to stoves to lightbulbs, every day we use more power than we need and waste the excess heat that’s generated.  And you can imagine how much extra heat is lost from industrial-strength facilities and large offices.  But analytics and computers are coming to the rescue.  One federal estimate says as much as two-thirds of the energy we produce is actually wasted.  For instance, more than half the energy it takes to run a car engine just blows out of exhaust pipes and heats the engine compartment.

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A Conversation With IDC’s Brian McDonough

b mcdonough m A Conversation With IDCs Brian McDonough IDC is a global provider of market intelligence to IT professionals and business executives.  We recently had a conversation with IDC’s Brian McDonough, a Research Manager in IDC’s Analytics and Data Warehousing Software research service.  In this role, Brian is responsible for providing coverage of supply-side trends within the business analytics market as well as user demand for technologies related to the implementation of business analytics.

Q: As we come up to Q4, 2009, in a still tough economy, how has the Business Intelligence market growth fared for the year?

BM: The business analytics software market, comprised of performance management and analytic applications plus business intelligence and data warehouse tools, is expected to finish the year with low single digit growth. It fared better than most markets as IT project scopes shrank and organizations sought out smaller, targeted initiatives for process optimization, improved financial management and analysis and improved insight into their customer bases.

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