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Data Analytics to Uncover Your Customers’ Cheating Hearts

What do your customers really think about your company, your offerings and your competitors? Are they looking to cheat on you if they receive a great deal on a similar product from another company?

shutterstock 66022606 150x150 Data Analytics to Uncover Your Customers Cheating HeartsIf you want to really know how loyal your customers are you can find out by using big data analytics.

The Information on Social Sites

What information do sites like Facebook have? You’d be surprised. They have knowledge about what purchases your customer base is looking to make in the future and how they make buying decisions. They also know what your market thinks about your competitors.

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Big Data Presents: The 12 Truths of Holiday Shopping

When it comes to what consumers want for the holidays, big data and social analytics can help retailers uncover “human truths to help brands make their marks in the world.”

shutterstock 155641259 300x200 Big Data Presents: The 12 Truths of Holiday Shopping That’s according to McCann Truth Central’s newest global consumer research study, “The Truth About Holiday Shopping,” which reveals a new era of predictive gift giving.

To help retailers learn more about what customers want, researchers conducted interviews with over 10,200 people in the US, UK, China, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, UAE, France, South Africa, Spain and India.

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Social Analytics to Assemble an Army of Brand Advocates

Socially active customers wield a great deal of influence on the behaviors of their friends and families.

Consider this: 60% of Facebook users and 79% of Twitter users say they’re more likely to recommend a brand to their friends after interacting with that brand on a social network, according to a survey by research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey.

types of content to attract customers to your business 300x239 Social Analytics to Assemble an Army of Brand Advocates And features such as Twitter’s retweeting and Facebook’s sharing options make it easy for fans to immediately promote their positive customer experiences to others, as Aaron Parson notes in an article on the topic.

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Treading Carefully with Social Analytics

Companies can learn a great deal about customer sentiments regarding their products or their reputations by using social analytics.

For instance, Pottery Barn does an effective job of using social analytics and listening to and reacting to customer concerns minutes after those concerns are posted to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels, according to an article in Business 2 Community.

treading carefully Treading Carefully with Social AnalyticsMonitoring customer sentiment on social channels can also help alert company executives to a brewing problem.

One of the more infamous examples involves Nestle. In 2010, the environmental watchdog group Greenpeace launched a social media attack against Nestle’s Kit Kat brand.

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Content is King: Using Data Discovery to Win the Crown

You know the old adage: content is king. This has never been truer than it is today.

Growing legions of marketers are focusing on developing effective content strategies via mobile and traditional online channels to increase customer and prospect engagement to drive higher conversion rates.

contentKING banner Content is King: Using Data Discovery to Win the CrownTo succeed, marketers “must increasingly think like publishers as they compete for consumers’ attention in today’s digital world,” Jabeen Yusuf points out in a recent Forbes article.

On the flip side, editors must also think like marketers in terms of using SEO and keywords in headlines to help make content easy to find, deliver the right content to the right audience, and help pump up page views.

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Predictive Analytics and Social Media: Predicting the Unpredictable

University researchers have discovered a new way to predict what topics on Twitter will be popular hours before they are identified as trending topics, offering a novel method to analyze information that changes over time.

social media crystal ball 300 Predictive Analytics and Social Media: Predicting the UnpredictableMIT professor Devavrat Shah and his student Stanislav Nikolov have developed a new algorithm that they say can, with 95% accuracy, predict the Twitter topics that trend, or suddenly explode in volume, reflecting their popularity.

Twitter determines the trending topics based on its own algorithm that analyzes the number of Tweets and those that have recently grown in volume, according to an MIT report on the research.

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Using Predictive Analytics to Engage and Retain Your Best Customers

In a tight economy, customer retention is absolutely critical.

Analytics-led research shows that it costs six to seven times as much to replace a dissatisfied customer as it does to retain a satisfied customer. Yet few companies devote the resources and energy available to retain good customers.

SatisfiedCustomers Using Predictive Analytics to Engage and Retain Your Best CustomersInstead, they allow perfectly retainable customers to walk out the door because they fail to pay adequate attention to their needs or preferences. Or companies simply allow their customers to become dissatisfied as they devote greater attention (and capital) to adding new customers.

The problem with this kind of logic is that it’s like allowing water (in this case profits and revenue) to slip through the holes of a leaky bucket. In many cases, customer attrition is preventable and analytics can help plug up these holes.

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Calling All London Games Data Geeks – We Have an App for That

We have an app for the social mania surrounding the London Games. This is the first time the games have been so social, so we teamed up with Attivio to help you wade through the overwhelming volume of big data (or social media data in this case) to find the insights from the previous 24 hours of activity on Twitter from athletes, fans and even detractors.

The London Athletes Social Mania app gives you access to what’s trending in athletes and phrases and lets you look at the positive and negative sentiments that are associated with those Tweets.

Syed Mahmood, Spotfire product marketing manager, says that with our partnership with Attivio “we can offer any fan, from anywhere in the world, an opportunity to look beyond ‘medals won’ and really get involved in what’s being said, whether it’s about a current or former athlete, a particular country, or the latest faux pas in London.”

Instead of writing about what you can do with this app, I’m going to show you the overview and send you off to “more than medal watch.”

London Athletes Social Mania App Tour

1. Breakdown search by Topic or Athlete. The app breaks down the top 2-keyword and 3-keyword phrases by topic and athlete. The following screenshot is by topic.

topic Calling All London Games Data Geeks – We Have an App for That

2. Drill down into Tweet sentiment analysis by selecting a keyword or group of keywords. The following screenshot shows the number of Tweets related to the 2-keyword search in a visual format.

drilldown Calling All London Games Data Geeks – We Have an App for That

3. View a sentiment timeline by Tweet phrase or group of Tweets. In the following example, I selected the top 2-keyword phrase “Tyson Gay” and broke down his sentiment analysis by data and negative/positive sentiment (red and green, respectively).

tysongay1 Calling All London Games Data Geeks – We Have an App for That

4. Add the human element for insights. I can then take this sentiment analysis and look at what’s happening around the time all these Tweets are going red. Something bad happens. A quick search on Twitter or Google News reveals that Gay just misses a medal by a single one-hundredth of a second. At face value, it looks like he did something wrong, but if you add in the context of the Tweets, the negative sentiment is around the feelings his fans have for his loss. That’s the human element, folks. Asking questions of the data to tell the story.

Next Steps:

Amanda Brandon
Spotfire Blogging Team

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Taming the Social Media Beast

taming social media beast 150x150 Taming the Social Media BeastMany companies have struggled for years to analyze and generate actionable insight from structured data – data from rewards cards, transactional systems and personal information shoppers provide online.

Now, add the big data behemoth – mostly unstructured data streaming in from “likes” on Facebook, Tweets, data from smartphone apps – and the task of culling through customer data can seem downright daunting.

Companies need to build robust systems to analyze the huge amounts of data flowing in from social media and then determine how they link to all the other ways consumers interact with their brands, argues Marita Scarfi, CEO of Organic, a digital ad agency with clients like Kimberly-Clark, American Express and Chrysler. And the key to effectively corralling social media and other big data is hiring and training people who can make sense of the social media data, Scarfi notes.trans Taming the Social Media Beast

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Use Analytics to Become a Social Business

social media 300x202 5 Sure Fire Ways to Use Analytics to Become a Social BusinessMany executives see social media as another way to connect with customers and prospects.

Indeed, most organizations have created social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites to help attract “fans” and “followers.” Some organizations even go so far as to engage customers and prospects with games, contests, challenges, and offers.

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