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How BI and Data Analytics Pros Used Twitter in December

Analytics and BI on Twitter How BI and Data Analytics Pros Used Twitter in DecemberIt’s time for our last blast Twitter recap for BI and data analytics pros for 2011. This month we are featuring a new Twitter account looking for data geek love, a fast-track to data scientist stardom, a few trends, a little wisdom and a little data oops to round out 2011. Let’s start with our awards.

Best Twitter Handle(s)

We have a tie for this award this month. @lifeisdata wins best Twitter handle (maybe of the year), but we do have an honorable mention. See why below. But first things first, doesn’t a Twitter account focused on the consumerization of data and how it’s improving the quality of life and human services around the world just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? This account needs followers and your tweets so long as they are worthy of the #lifeisdata hashtag according to their profile. We also loved their very first Tweet: “Top 10 Cities Using Data to Improve the Quality of Life - #LifeisData #analytics #datamining #Boston #London.”

While our honorable mention’s Twitter handle is simple (@dpatil), it’s his name and his job that are cool. Plus, he shared some cool info on how to become a data scientist in about 15 months. DJ Patil, the data scientist in residence at Greylock Partners (a venture capital firm behind companies such as LinkedIn, Pandora and Facebook) tweeted that it’s going to be easier to become a data scientist with the new master’s program in analytics starting at Northwestern University in September.

He’s been featured on our roundup before, but Ben Lorica (@bigdata), a senior researcher at O’Reilly Media, was worthy of a mention on our roundup this month for this Tweet: “Medicare Fraud is a huge problem, which can be solved/controlled by data analytics (ask financial services companies)” Plus, big data seems to be the trend du jour, so this is a must follow for everyone interested in the explosion of data.

Social BI Expectations for 2012

Dion Hinchcliffe, executive VP of strategy at Danchis Group and author of the upcoming book Social Business by Design, made some compelling points related to social business intelligence in his post on social business trends for 2012. He says that “getting to ROI means getting to the information that matters inside time windows that matter to make business decisions and guide strategic activity.” And he says to “expect capable analytics and business intelligence features to be added as central elements to virtually all social media tools.”

The Business Comes First in BI

The #BI Wisdom Twitter chat for the week of December 23 featured a couple of gems from real data analytics pros on how the actual business knowledge affects BI.

Our wise words start with Vala Afshar, chief customer officer for Enterasys Networks, a Siemens enterprise communications company: “Experience is the best teacher. Vertical specialization requires acquiring thought leadership from the field: customer engagements #BIWisdom.”

And more #BIWisdom comes from Gregory Lewandowki, manager of BI systems at Cisco with his little quip: “#BIWisdom experience in the biz is critical to understanding…remember…ice cream sales are not a predictor of weather.”

Data … Oops

Let’s round out our December recap with a Tweet from a previous Spotfire blog Twitter award winner – Karen Lopez, an independent analytics consultant with “Five Common Statistical Analysis Mistakes: < #data #oops.”

As always, here’s your list of top people and organizations to follow for the end of 2011:


Amanda Brandon
Spotfire Blogging Team

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Top 7 Predictions for BI in 2012

BI Predictions 2012 Top 7 Predictions for BI in 2012It’s almost that time of year again. For some of us it’s time to start thinking about making resolutions for the new year we’re probably never going to keep.

For others, it’s time to look into the future and make a few predictions for business intelligence in 2012.

I’ll be honest. I fit into the first category. Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst, Boris Evelson (@bevelson), on the other hand, took his crystal ball out of storage recently and came up with his top 10 predictions for BI in 2012.

Let’s take a look at seven of his ten predictions:

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Data Analytics and the Importance of Socializing Your Data

Data Analytics Socialization of Data Data Analytics and the Importance of Socializing Your DataThe fact is we live in a real-time world where data analytics and data overload are becoming more pervasive by the minute. Business decision makers have to know what’s happening now, as well as what will likely happen tomorrow.

What’s also pervasive today is social networking. In fact, organizations of all sizes are adopting social technologies to reap the benefits of social platforms: real-time communication, mobile updates, sense of personality and of course, real-time insights or analysis.

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How ‘Free-Dimensional’ Analytics are Enabling Social Collaboration

spotfire 4.0 BI collaboration dashboard 300x286 How ‘Free Dimensional’ Analytics are Enabling Social Collaboration Stop and think for a moment about why you use business intelligence (BI) tools. OK, time’s up.

There’s only one right answer: to get the right information to the right people at the right time so they can make the right business decisions—and to allow them to share and discuss that information. If they can’t do that then you’ve wasted all that data you’ve collected with those great BI tools.

It’s not enough to generate pages and pages of manual reports that most likely have the answers to at least some of the execs’ questions but don’t organize those answers in a meaningful way. Not only that, but those reports don’t give decision makers the critical, real-time data they need because they’re not updated all that frequently. And they certainly don’t enable decision makers to easily share any of that information.

But there is a solution to all those problems—BI dashboards.

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Becoming a Social Enterprise

Becoming a Social Enterprise by Lyndsay Wise 297x300 Becoming a Social Enterprise  This is a guest blog post by Lyndsay Wise (@wiseanalytics), president and founder of WiseAnalytics. Lyndsay has ten years of IT experience in business systems analysis, software selection, and implementation of enterprise applications. She provides consulting services for small and mid-sized companies and conducts research into leading technologies, market trends, BI products and vendors, mid-market needs, and data visualization.

Traditional BI has always promised better information visibility and time savings through analytics. Unfortunately this came at a cost – it required a large data warehousing infrastructure, pre-defined reports and OLAP cubes for analysis, high-level technical skills, and dedicated IT staff to maintain the constant state of development and requests from users.

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Making Collaborative BI Happen

thumbnail6 Making Collaborative BI HappenEveryone loves to talk about collaboration. It evokes positive associations – teamwork, sharing, and a host of others. And it fits our experience that great ideas and successful efforts usually happen when people come together. So it is no surprise that collaboration has become a hot topic in the BI community.

But making collaboration happen, in BI or any other domain, is dicier. Good tools for collaboration are not enough by themselves. If people aren’t open to the give-and-take of collaboration, or the institutional culture does not foster it, the best tools in the world won’t create it.

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BI in the Cloud: Recap of Last Week’s Forrester Technology Trends Tweet Jam

Forrester Research is in the process of updating its annual report “The Top 15 Trends Enterprise Architects Should Watch” and is using last week’s Tweet Jam for research.

Brian Hopkins (@practicingEA), a principal analyst with Forrester Research who covers emerging technology and its impacts on business and IT for Enterprise Architecture Professionals, hosted the July 29th Tweet Jam (hash tag #forrtttj). Brian then dissected the chat data in a blog post and delivered a nice graph below that shows the top Tweets by topics and the Tweet initiator’s industry. Analysts dominated the conversation, followed by bloggers and independents.

techtrendsanalysis BI in the Cloud: Recap of Last Weeks Forrester Technology Trends Tweet Jam

And the trends being discussed fall right in line with what Hopkins predicted in a recent blog post – mobile, social, cloud and data.

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3 Tips for Delivering Mobile BI to Your Company

6 tips to bring mobile bi to enterprise 3 Tips for Delivering Mobile BI to Your CompanyIt may not surprise you that BI is a top of mind technology for many CTOs, but did you know that goes for CFOs as well? A new Gartner survey reveals that 65% of CFOs ranked business intelligence as the technology in highest demand. One driving force behind this demand is the fact that today’s knowledge workers can now access data and information themselves via collaborative,  cloud based and mobile BI solutions. These workers are into self service and aren’t waiting around for a corporate sign off.

So as an enterprise or SMB executive how do you manage the madness while simultaneously empowering your workers to capitalize on innovative BI solutions? In upcoming blog posts and webcasts, we’ll tackle empowering your team with collaborative,  cloud-based solutions. For now, here are three tips from Information Management on how best to roll out mobile BI.

1) Pay attention to mobile BI security concerns. The top concern in mobile BI adoption is

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Where Does BI Fit into Your Social Business?

social networking social business 300x215 Where Does BI Fit into Your Social Business?Social networking has become more than mainstream; it’s now a way of life – even in business. According to IDC’s new Social Business Maturity survey, 41% of businesses have “some sort of social business initiative underway.”

Previously, we’ve written that social BI is a major part of this new “social business.” While the social mentions and social engagement programs are part of the analytics companies should track via, it’s not the foundation of social BI.

Social BI is more about collaboration among people around the data as Mark Lorion (@mark_lorion), VP of marketing for Spotfire frequently says. His recent article at (a knowledge management community) describes how meetings should be more collaborative and include dynamic data visualizations to “facilitate collaboration among participants and yield actionable results signed onto by all stakeholders.”

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How BI and Data Analytics Professionals Used Twitter in June

Analytics and BI on Twitter How BI and Data Analytics Professionals Used Twitter in JuneJune was a busy month on Twitter in the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics space. This month we saw new trends in the convergence of the social business and BI, mobile BI’s growing effect on business and new attention to the growing demand for BI and analytics talent.

Let’s jump right in with the awards:

  • Most ReTweeted – Gartner_Inc takes top Tweet (according to this month for BI with: “Business Intelligence and Decision Impact: Maximize decision impact in real-time decision making.” The Tweet links to a new report addressing the “how and why of BI becoming an expected business competency for improving decision effectiveness.”
  • Best Twitter Handle @bigdata, also known as Ben Lorica, a senior researcher at O’Reilly Media, a technology conference and education publisher (@OReillyMedia). Lorica’s Twitter feed led us to an interesting article on a German scientist named Andreas Schleicher who has taken data to the big time – with his drive to reform education by measuring data differently with the Programme for International Student Assessment, which is part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development.
  • Best Twitter Photo – Erik Brynjolfsson, a professor of economics and information technology at MIT wins best Twitter photo with his sketched profile pic and he’s got some solid data in a recent study that shows data analytics makes companies 5-6 percent more productive.

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