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Clinical Data Analysis Delivers for Pharmaceutical Companies

j03210561 150x150 Clinical Data Analysis Delivers for Pharmaceutical CompaniesPharmaceutical companies rely on clinical data analysis to make better business decisions in the drug delivery market.  Using clinical data analysis, pharma companies can identify potential issues earlier in the drug development process, ultimately saving the company development costs.

 Pharmaceutical companies today are under increased pressure financially.  They are looking to increase revenue (new products) and decrease operational costs.  But unlike many industries, pharma can not sacrifice quality in the name of better profits.  Therefore, one of the best tools in the arsenal of pharma companies is to use clinical data analysis to identify potential issues earlier in the drug development process. 

 Clinical data analysis that helps identify issues in drug development, improves patient outcomes.   Companies are using sophisticated clinical data analysis to identify and address drug safety issues. 

 Clinical data analysis with graphics can be used to in both for both drug development and reporting, even though the requirements for these uses are quite different.  For example, exploratory clinical data analysis requires interactivity.  Users want to explore points and regions of a graph through brushing, drill-down and other techniques.  Scientists want to view population trends with the ability to perform detailed exploration of individual subjects. 

 On the reporting side, clinical data analysis can enhance presentations, publications, clinical study reports and regulatory submissions.  This type of data needs to be reproducible, and ideally, easily updated. 

 Pharmaceutical industry leaders such as Novartis, AstraZeneca, Roche and Lundbeck all use graphics for clinical data analysis.  Three of these pharmaceutical thought leaders are featured in an on-demand Webcast: Perspectives on Exploratory Clinical Data Analysis and Interactive Review.

 This Webcast features:

  • Novartis on: Exploratory data analysis in preclinical and clinical safety;
  • AstraZeneca on: Maximizing safety in clinical pharmacology unit studies; and
  • Roche on: Use of Spotfire in early/exploratory drug development.

 Another Webcast, TIBCO Spotfire Clinical Graphics for Presentation of Clinical Data in Validated and Non-Validated Environments,  Karina Stender of  H. Lundbeck A/S discusses how the pharma leader users Tibco Spotfire Clinical Graphics.  The Webcast includes best practices in graphics for clinical data analysis.

 Finally, in Graphics for Exploratory Analysis and Reporting in Clinical Trials, TIBCO Spotfire’s Michael O’Connell discusses how Spotfire and S+ software can be used effectively to both explore and report on clinical data.

 Kelley Kassa
Spotfire Blogging Team

Image Credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art

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