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How BI and Data Analytics Pros Used Twitter – TUCON Edition

It’s time for a special Twitter wrap – how BI and data analytics pros used Twitter during TUCON 2012 – the annual TIBCO user conference. In this month’s edition, we’ll recap the highlights and give you a “do follow” list.

Analytics and BI on Twitter1 150x150 How BI and Data Analytics Pros Used Twitter – TUCON EditionThe Overview

Let’s start with a high-level overview of how big this conference is.

I borrowed this from TIBCO VP Ian Gotts (@iangotts) who wrote a number of posts on the conference: “But for TIBCO, it is the highlight of the year: 2,500 delegates, 52 client and analyst speakers, 20 sponsoring companies, press from all over the globe, days packed with exciting information and hundreds of networking connections to be made, all topped off with an awesome party taking over Haze nightclub with a top show called Legends.”

Next up, I created a Storify stream to capture some of the best tweets and Twitter pics of the Legends show. You can view the Storify here.

Product Announcements

Sure, I could link to all the press releases, but since this is a Twitter recap, here’s what was said about four major product announcements at TUCON from the bird’s mouth:

Silver Mobile

  • EMA Research Analyst Shawn Rogers (@shawnrog): “TIBCO Silver Mobile launches today. Single server to create your own app store to provision apps for your enterprise.”
  • Pritiman Panda (@pritimanpanda): a contender for Best Twitter Handle – Panda is a cool name, but it’s his blog name that we love – The BPM Freak. He tweets: It’s Silver Silver all the way!! Silver Mobile, Silver Fabric . . . and now Silver Integration – Interesting!!”

Spotfire 5

  • Many Worlds CTO Naomi Moneypenny (@nmoneypenny): “Teradata and Spotfire integration announcement for extreme amounts of data – welcome to the challenges of the oil & gas industry.”
  • Successful Workplace blogger Chris Taylor (@BPMForReal) was the other contender for Best Twitter Handle and had this cool statement about Spotfire 5. He tweets: “Listening to the MDM and Spotfire session at TUCON2012. TIBCO has great products for #BigData . . . which is really about fast data, bad data.”
Other Spotfire Highlights
  • Gartner’s Rita Sallam (@rsallam): “Next gen data discov will be finding patterns across structured and unstructured data. Combo Attivio and Spotfire delivers this. #tucon2012″
  • BI industry journalist/analyst Ted Cuzzillo (@datadoodle): “How the World Economic Forum pools immense brainpower with Spotfire collaboration. Fascinating, persuasive. #TUCON2012.”
Tibbr 4
  • Software Insider R “Ray” Wang (@rwang0): “Hearing that there are more than 1M paid users on #tibbr #tucon2012.”
  • Research Director at MWD Advisors Neil Ward-Dutton (@neilwd): In enterprises, locations (airport gates, warehouse zones) have stories to tell too #tucon2012 #tibbr.”
  • Rishidot Research Principal Analyst: Krishnan Subramania (@krishnan): “#TUCON2012 was fun. Gave me access to some interesting “traditional users.” Tibbr is coming up great.”

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