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The Business Intelligence iPad – Will Users Come?

j0443202 150x150 The Business Intelligence iPad – Will Users Come?Today’s internet-breaking (literally, Twitter had some issues keeping up with the excitement) coverage of the Apple launch of the iPad got us to thinking about Business Intelligence form factors.  The iPhone and other PDA’s have business intelligence tools available today.  But we wonder how much the iPhone is actually used to do anything business intelligence related other than look at a dashboard and maybe a report given the amount of screen real estate.  Enter the iPad. With screen real estate of 9.7 inches, is this a device usable for deeper analytic business intelligence purposes?

We are talking here about the nights and weekends usage factor from home.  Would executives and  line of business managers use this platform for business intelligence more so than they do today with an iPhone or other PDA?   

BillPeterson                                                                                                                                    Spotfire Blogging Team

Image Credit: Microsoft Ofice Clip Art

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Kim Ahlberg

Being able to sit back and relax during breakfast with an espresso shot and an iPad to explore the latest data could lead to more “thinking outside of the box” BI usage, as compared to squeezing your data analysis in during busy office hours.

I expect the iPad to be a good tool for doing analytics based presentations as well. We just needs a good interface for highlighting the most interesting areas, like sportscasters do on the TV.

Jack Bremer

I will definitely be buying an iPad, if only to take notes in meetings!

If I turn up with netbook/laptop I look geeky and the screen is a physIcal barrier between me and client.

A paper notebook can be lost, is scruffy and doesn’t interface well with a CRM/project management system.

iPad will look the part, I expect will have some awesome notetaking functionality, and can hopefully record the entire meeting’s audio too.

In terms of business intelligence, if your iPad is net-connected you could access your CRM software, check Analytics and stats as well as any other BI functions you may require. Brill.

Well worth it. (I hope!)


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