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Video: How Data Visualization Helps Customer Complaint Management

In a recent webcast, Ram Ramachandran (senior manager), Lisa Ducharme (senior manager for customer experience practice) and Jacob Thiel (manager) of Ernst & Young Financial Services, explain how visual data can make customer complaint management more effective.

By leveraging data visualization, a manager or executive can track complaint resolution as well as associate workload and analyze opportunities for service improvement.

 Video: How Data Visualization Helps Customer Complaint Management In addition to helping the manager improve processes and customer experience, leveraging visual data analytics for customer complaint management decreases costs and offers a much deeper view of the customer relationship.

Ducharme, who specializes in helping banking institutions improve the customer experience, says that these institutions can benefit from better complaint management via visual analytics.

Some of the key challenges this type of project addresses include:

  • Confidence in services
  • Regulatory challenges from the Department of Justice and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Frequent and accurate reporting of complaint data and its consolidation to facilitate process improvement

Ducharme says that the operational inefficiencies revolving around the redundancy of complaints get very expensive and unmanageable for executives and associates. Plus, the manual processes prevalent at many financial institutions make complaint resolution highly ineffective for consumers.

In the above video series, Thiel explains that Spotfire’s visual analytics platform offers a robust, single source for addressing these challenges and delivers marked improvements in a matter of weeks instead of months.

The video playlist includes:

  1. A customer complaint dashboard overview
  2. A scope of questions managers/execs can ask and answer within the complaint dashboard
  3. A view of the complaint inventory and age of complaints as well as breakout analysis
  4. A view of the workload associated with complaints and the analysis available within this tab

Next Steps:

  • Watch the complete webcast for a more in-depth view of how Spotfire’s visual analytics for financial services can improve service and operations as well as lower complaint-related costs.

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