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Spotfire 5.5 Release Addresses Growing Market Trends

Companies that want to be competitive, productive as well as innovative have to get the right information to the right people in real time. But at the same time, they have to control access to their sensitive business data.

business intelligence foto Spotfire 5.5 Release Addresses Growing Market TrendsWith the Spotfire 5.5 enterprise-class data discovery platform companies can secure their corporate assets, and provide instant self-service analytics to support the competitive, agile organization.

In our upcoming blog posts, we’ll delve into the major issues companies are facing accessing data – especially unstructured data – from different data sources.

Data quality is going to be one of the top issues facing companies in 2013, according to Aberdeen Group. Today, more companies are afraid that business decisions are being negatively affected by data quality.

Over the next few days, we’ll explain how organizations can use analytics tools to mash together corporate data from multiple sources including analytic data warehouses, databases, No-SQL sources, web services and applications to conduct in-memory analysis, in-database analysis, or both.

Today, there’s a lot of dissatisfaction with business intelligence among end-users. One reason for that is that the data presented to people and the way they are asked to work does not reflect the nature of their jobs – it reflects the data structure.

“Organizations that grasp the holistic view of analytics – the need to cultivate analytical thought, culture, and activity, in addition to the right analytical technologies – reap the benefits of enhanced business execution,” according to Aberdeen.

That means it’s not enough for enterprises to just centrally control data access and models, they must also provide immediate self-service analytics to business users across the organization.

Visualization tools can help by enabling users to see and understand exactly what the data means to their organizations. Through the use of dashboards, analytic applications and data discovery, users can immediately find the exceptions in the business through dynamic rule-based filters and visualization.

In our posts, we’ll also discuss data governance and why it’s important for enterprises to make big data part of their information management strategies, rather than create separate strategies for big data.

And we’ll show you the importance of predictive analytics.

For companies to succeed they must also use predictive analytics to help them make better business decisions and save money.

Companies can do that by using software that offers the functionality to quickly and easily extract insights out of the noise of big data. To that end, Spotfire 5.5 has integrated with Teradata Aster for in-database, big-data predictive analytics.

So stay tuned and learn how your company can be competitive, productive and innovative.

Next Steps:

  • Do read the press release to learn how Tibco Spotfire 5.5 dramatically increases the value of existing corporate data assets.
  • Register for the Spotfire 5.5 webcast with Leslie Miller on Wednesday, April 10th at 1 p.m. EDT.
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