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The Twitter Data Visualization Playground

j0405138 150x150 The Twitter Data Visualization PlaygroundData  visualization is cool.” So said the author of this piece on Twitter data visualization and business intelligence tools from the Harvard Business Review.

And we agree.  This article looks at a number of tools that have been developed to visualize and present business intelligence graphics of the massive amounts of data on Twitter.  We have developed a number of visualization tools from other massive data sources including: FAA Airline Incident Analysis, Fantasy Football League Management, and to track Primary Donations in the US.

The article notes that we are at a peak point in the development of data visualizations tools and suggests that the tried and true bar or pie chart just won’t do anymore.  What’s your take?  Have you started using advanced business intelligence tools to create improved data visualizations of your data? Is it something you are planning to do?  If not, why?

Spotfire Blogging Team

Image Credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art

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