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Location, Location, Location – A New Addition to Spotfire Analytics

In real estate, news, retail and many other industries, location gives businesses and business people an advantage – that’s even the case for big data analytics.

maporama Location, Location, Location – A New Addition to Spotfire AnalyticsIn fact, 80% of enterprise business data has a location component, according to Deloitte.

To enable our customers to leverage location intelligence and geospatial analytics, TIBCO announced this week the acquisition of Maporama Solutions, a privately held, cloud-based provider of these services.

This addition to Spotfire provides a powerful complement for companies looking for yet another advantage in today’s global, social business marketplace.

Maporama’s aim is to shrink decision-making cycles, to help optimize resource allocation and to match supply with demand in the context of location.

Using big data with a location slant will “underpin new waves of productivity growth and consumer surplus,” according to a recent McKinsey report.

For example, the consulting company estimates that when a retailer adds big data to its business arsenal, the organization has “the potential to increase operating margin by more than 60 percent.”

And location intelligence gives both the company and consumers an advantage, McKinsey says. “For instance, services enabled by personal location data can allow consumers to capture $600 billion in economic surplus,” the report notes.

These are powerful stats. And this acquisition is aimed at giving our customers a similar advantage in solving location-based business problems and aiding in more informed decisions, says Lars Bauerle, Spotfire VP of product strategy.

Ingrid Lunden, a writer with TechCrunch who covered the acquisition, agrees.

“Adding location into the mix, to provide extra data points especially for customers who use the Spotfire platform in wider data gathering analysis, makes sense,” she notes. “With people increasingly interacting with enterprise platforms on the move using smartphones and tablets, the location element of those interactions becomes more significant.”

And in light of the increasing need to keep data and decision making in real-time, this new addition to Spotfire will add significant value to our customers in the context of customer loyalty, transportation and supply chain efficiency.

Learn more about Maporama’s capabilities in this video:

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