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Plug In To Energy Analytics To See Power Waste And Costs

j0434862 150x150 Plug In To Energy Analytics To See Power Waste And CostsData analytics is all about delivering insights you might never see without the details, software and intelligence to ask the right questions.  Everyone has data – but not everyone has knowledge.  New companies like PowerHouse Dynamics are letting us track electric use down to each outlet to see how much it costs even when devices are turned off but left plugged in.

Armed with this kind of data AND intelligence in detail, you can choose to unplug “vampire” appliances like a coffeemaker or microwave oven that consume energy to power always-on LED clocks.  Check out other offerings from BlueHouse and TED (The Energy Detective).

Some of these easy-to-use analytics tools can monitor a whole house or office by tracking the electric meter – detailing when peak use speeds up consumption or when off-peak can produce savings.  Kill-a-Watt electricity monitor can tell you how much electricity and the costs for an hour, day or year of operation for each of the devices you plug in.  See what other products and services are out there and how easy it can be.

David Wallace
Spotfire Blogging Team

Image Credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art

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