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Sales Analytics – Fool’s Gold or The Hidden Jewel?

j0442513 150x150 Sales Analytics – Fool’s Gold or The Hidden Jewel?We are thinking a lot these days about marketing spend and how it translates into revenue.  Isn’t everybody?  We are looking at it for our internal spend. But, importantly, we are also looking at marketing and sales analytics from the use of Spotfire perspective for our customers and prospects.

A really interesting article on SellinPower (free subscription required) from August 17 talks about six ways to use analytics to boost sales.  The article focuses on using analytics to “see exactly what’s working, what’s not working, and find where there are opportunities to grow sales” using analytic tools.  We say, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”  We couldn’t agree more.  As a matter of fact, karma and timing being what they are – we recently completed a free webinar on the subject of using Spotfire for sales and marketing analytics.  Imagine that.

The link to the webinar recording is here:

Speaker: Tim Wormus, Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Spotfire

What happens when you link the world’s most advanced analytics and reporting tool to the world’s most popular CRM systems?   To find out, join TIBCO Spotfire’s Tim Wormus and see how you can use TIBCO Spotfire software to analyze your and Siebel CRM data.

Spotfire enables any sales or marketing professional to more quickly and easily:

·         Find lost revenue opportunities
·         Improve forecasting
·         Optimize campaign effectiveness

Who will benefit:

         Sales Professionals

  • See who is building qualified funnel vs. rolling forward the same old deals
  • Spot growing or shrinking markets quarters ahead of actual results
  • Perform Forecast & Pipeline Analysis
  • Conduct Sales Cycle Analysis
  • Analyze Sales Rep productivity

        Marketing Professionals

  • Deliver more qualified pipeline to the Sales organization
  • Justify program expenditures
  • Discover key insights into pipeline development and lead conversion
  • Determine Lead Conversion rates
  • Evaluate campaign effectiveness

So, if you really need to (and who doesn’t) figure out how to turn pyrite into gold using Spotfire, check out the webinar recording .

Bill Peterson
Spotfire Blogging Team

Image Credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art

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