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j04431605 150x150 Get the Inside Scoop on the Business Intelligence MarketIt’s been a busy few weeks in the business intelligence market.  In addition to the TDWI World Conference in mid-February, many vendors in the business intelligence space have held analyst briefings, providing insights into product developments, views on the market and more. 

We know this because a great deal of information on the business intelligence market is available via Twitter.  In the past, when business intelligence vendor (or vendor of any other type of technology product or service) held an analyst day, the community at large was left in the dark.  Perhaps one or two analysts would issue a brief report on major news coming out of the briefing, but often that news was available only to companies who were paying clients of the analyst.

Over the past few weeks, many of the analysts attending business intelligence vendors’ analyst days have delivered a steady stream of Tweets from these events.  These Tweets have been a combination of news, updates, opinion and even “color” (i.e., one of the events included some skiing). 

While analysts’ firms may grit their collective teeth at the flow of information coming from their events, it’s actually good for the entire business intelligence community.  Why?

  • End user companies get more insight into business intelligence vendor strategies
  • Analysts are able to share information, opinion and insight in a less structured, less formal way.  This is an opportunity for the analysts to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack of business intelligence analysts.
  • Business intelligence vendors are able to get information out via social media, through highly regarded influencers, without going directly to the press or issuing press releases.

If you are interested in hearing about the latest updates from the business intelligence market, try following some of these influencers and analysts:

Merv Adrian

Howard Dresner

Matt Eastwood

Wayne Eckerson

Boris Evelson

Mike Ferguson

Seth Grimes

Judith Hurwitz

James Kobielus

Maribel Lopez

David Loshin

Neil Raden

Shawn Rogers

Philip Russom

John Rymer

John Santaferraro

Mark Smith

Who are your favorite business intelligence analyst/influencer Tweeters?

Kelley Kassa
Spotfire Blogging Team

Image Credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art

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