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New Resources for Business Intelligence and Analytics Information

j0438528 150x150 New Resources for Business Intelligence and Analytics InformationBusiness intelligence is designed to serve up data often hidden in the enterprise.  Analytics are tools to analyze, manipulate and delve into that data in order to make appropriate business decisions.  Both are clearly valuable, but even some business intelligence and analytics users still struggle to find the right information, understand it in the right context, and then make the right decisions.

Like any technology and corresponding process, business intelligence is evolving.  And like any time there are significant developments in technology, its usage, or business needs, end users need information to help clarify their options.

Spotfire has two new white papers available to help organizations understand the changing dynamics of business intelligence and analytics. 

“NextGen Software or  Software for the NextGen?” provides insight into how today’s workers “selectively incorporated technology into their work,” but the next generation of workers expect and rely on technology in every aspect of their lives.  Business intelligence vendors developed products for the former category, offering tools that were simple-to-use and limited in functionality.  Now, forward-thinking business intelligence vendors are developing solutions that incorporate how the next generation of workers will work: using interactive and visual analytic applications, collaborative workspaces, and able to incorporate new technologies.

 “The Speed Society and its Enemies” posits that traditional “old school” business intelligence tools do not deliver speed and efficiency.  Traditional business intelligence tools have a heritage in reporting and data warehouse technology; that heritage is reflected in an approach that serves rather static data, data based on presumptions and previous requests.  Traditional business intelligence tools cannot package analytical work and distribute it as interactive applications; they can not engage the end user.  This white paper presents a vision for how business intelligence 2.0 truly delivers speed and efficiency. 

Kelley Kassa
Spotfire Blogging Team

Image Credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art

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