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Top 5 Spotfire Blog Posts of 2013

The year is about to roll over and we thought it was time for one last look at the past year. Here’s a quick look back at our five most popular posts of 2013.

Unknown1 Top 5 Spotfire Blog Posts of 2013Happy New Year!

No. 5 – Data Analysis: Zodiac Signs and Crime

It seems our readers just like to have (a little) fun. This post is nothing but that, taking a strange look at a serious topic.

Who are the most likely to commit crimes according to their star charts? Those under the first zodiac sign – Aries – came in first in crime committing.

While it may not mean much, it is interesting to note that those born under this sign consider themselves first. Maybe a clue. Maybe a coincidence. Read more about our deeper data dive into why your horoscope may matter in your likelihood to commit a crime.

No. 4 – Who’s the Most Influential in Big Data? A Twitter Study

Data geeks love Twitter. And this piece shows us the geeks supreme on the topic of big data. This list gives you a look inside the best of the best accounts to follow and who rules the roost in conversing about big data.

Now, a question for you. Who do you think is the most influential in the big data conversation? Tweet your answer to us, of course.

No. 3 – Big Data Business Potential for M2M Communications

What’s smarter than a fifth grader? Machines helping people. This popular post shows some real-world examples of how companies, especially those in the energy, insurance and healthcare industries are leveraging machine-to-machine communication to make data breakthroughs that save time, money and lives.

No. 2 – Procter & Gamble’s Data Analysis Success Drives Faster Decisions

Speed to decision was a popular point in 2013. And Procter & Gamble’s mission to put the power of data with the people (50,000+ employees in Decision Cockpits) is a testament to the success in self-service analytics and a data-driven culture.

No. 1 – 13 Really Cool Quotes About Data

It seems that our most popular post of 2013 was one full of fun (or distraction, but we’re not pointing any fingers).

Here’s a look at one from our favorite detective that sums up our mission in using data to better business: “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” Sherlock Holmes, “A Study in Scarlett” (Arthur Conan Doyle).

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Amanda Brandon
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