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Business Intelligence in the Home – Even My Wii has an IP Address

j0422306 150x150 Business Intelligence in the Home   Even My Wii has an IP AddressLove this article on Channel Insider that talks to the number of devices in the home that now have an IP address.  TVs, video games, computers, music systems, cable box(es), TiVO, cell phones, printers, phones, and more.  As the author points out, “In addition to the power cable, they all come with Ethernet.”  So very true.

The author highlights in the article this proliferation of data points in business and the home is a business intelligence data management opportunity for vendors, VARs, and service providers.  The key is data in the cloud.  All of the devices in a business or home are generating internet traffic and data.  This data needs to be collected, integrated, analyzed, managed, and reported on – these are all traditional business intelligence driven data management features.  One of the interesting questions we see is where is the convergence of business intelligence data between the home and business?  What is the data management opportunity if my fridge and stove begin having Ethernet discussions?

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Image Credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art

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