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Business Intelligence for Every Employee in Your Organization

j0442379 150x150 Business Intelligence for Every Employee in Your Organization Quick, whatever you do in the next few minutes, if you care about business intelligence and your business – send this article to every business person you know.  This article,  from The St. Louis Globe Democrat, is a fantastic explanation and examination of why every person in your organization should have access to business intelligence to make your business better.

There are so many good nuggets in this post that we thought we’d do a top ten list on some of our thoughts on the best with a few of our comments:

  1. Business Intelligence is not new – nope, far from it.  But, to an ever increasing crop of fresh corporate faces, business intelligence capabilities and benefits are new, don’t miss the opportunity to leverage something you take for granted as new to someone who could benefit from it.
  2. Business Intelligence tools today offer capabilities we have never seen before – agreed, the technology just keeps getting better, faster and affordable.
  3. Business Intelligence is easy to use – think about the audience for The St. Louis Globe Democrat.  Okay, there may be a fair number of business intelligence professionals who frequent the site, but, the fact that this story is on this site and so full of good business intelligence information solidifies the fact that the technology has reached mainstream.
  4. You can only manage, what you can measure – it’s all about metrics, if we can’t put our finger on data to measure, metric, measure it then that data is not suitable for business intelligence.
  5. Managers get paid for only one thing, moving numbers – so give them the business intelligence tools to do just that.  There is no reason not to.
  6. Reports that come out 15 days after an event are useless – preaching to the choir on this one.
  7. Business Intelligence applications identify trends and provide better numbers for managing the business – this is the basis for our Spotfire Analytics business and one of our key promises.
  8. Business Intelligence retrieving and trending applications should be made available for everyone in the business – see item #3 above, this is as important.
  9. Business Intelligence requires cultural change – from executive team buy-in to management reaction to trends to administrative policy changes, if you aren’t ready to change you aren’t ready for business intelligence.
  10. Time will be your most limited asset – and most treasured one.

Spotfire Blogging Team

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BI Software Reporter

One thing worth noting is that business intelligence has become increasingly visual, and this is advantageous seeing as how most people are visual learners. This leads to higher adoption rates and better use of the technology. InetSoft has an expensive array of visual tools that serve this purpose.


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