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Smart Appliances, Smarter Business with Analytics Built In

j04330851 150x150 Smart Appliances, Smarter Business with Analytics Built In When you spend days focused on business intelligence, it’s easy to believe that software and data has the answers to important questions.   Or you may think that people have all the answers.   In fact,  ‘smart devices’ with timers  to schedule on/off  and other intelligence can provide ways to save time, energy and money.  Things are getting “smarter” thanks to built-in monitoring and savvy algorithms — from the data center to your home office.One intelligent example comes from APC (full disclosure: the only surge suppressor I’ll buy) which last year introduced “smart-shedding” technology that can sense when a PC is turned off or in “sleep/standby mode”  and shut off any printers, monitors and other peripherals plugged in to the host PC.  Energy saving costs alone from being turned off overnight and at weekends can be enough to pay for the device in no time.

On the larger scale, data center analytics can scan your servers and monitor network use.   Remote monitoring — from any Internet enabled device — lets you see your fleet of systems or networked gear means you can measure action and program in a re-action — shutting down under-used equipment and automating simple, cost-saving tasks.

Saving just a few dollars multiplied by every computer or server location can add up quickly.  Reducing repairs and cutting energy use are just a few ways business intelligence about your infrastructure makes dollars and sense.

David Wallace
Spotfire Blogging Team

Image Credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art

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