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Out Damned Spot! Wash Trades and Your Future

j0309196 150x150 Out Damned Spot! Wash Trades and Your FutureJust as Lady Macbeth can not escape her conscience or the stain of her crime in Macbeth, organizations must be able to capture and report on illegal activity through their IT infrastructure.

A Wash Trade is an illegal activity where an investor buys and sells the same stock through two different brokerages at the same time. This activity generates no money for the investor but creates the impression that the stock is trading heavily which could create demand and interest.

Now that we have your attention, care to learn more about wash trading and how to watch for and identify wash trading in your organization? Then please join us for our free webcast on May 4, 2010, details below and here:

Wash Trading: How Clean is Your Desk?  Using Spotfire Analytics to Look for Wash Trade Activity

Date: Tuesday, May 4, 2010 @ 11:00 AM ET

Speaker: Kevin Sluder, Director, Industry Solutions, TIBCO Spotfire

Whatever the motive, wash trading activity puts your firm at financial, reputational, and regulatory risk.  Spotfire Analytics can help spot and investigate potential wash trading behavior in an integrated platform. Spotfire enables frontline business users determine appropriate aggregations and time periods to investigate using dynamic visual analysis to speed insight and action.

Participants will learn:

How Spotfire enables custom aggregations of data on demand
The ease of analyzing short or long time periods
How network analytics can help spot potential problems
Who should attend:

Trading Managers
Risk Management Professionals
Settlement/Operations Managers
Compliance Professionals

Spotfire Blogging Team

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