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Can Analytics Change Meetings?

j0442889 150x150 Can Analytics Change Meetings?A new report by CITO argues that analytics can change the way meetings are conducted.  That analytics can change “the vicious cycle of meetings.”  This cycle is defined as meetings were “questions are asked beforehand, data collected, reports generated, and in due course, slides and spreadsheets publicly presented.”  When an unanticipated question is asked, the response is often “we’ll get back to you.”  And that creates a need for another meeting.

What would analytics change about meetings?  The CITO Report, “How Data Visualization Promises to Make Business Meetings More Dynamic,” details how one pharmaceutical company went from reading aloud from PowerPoint decks to presenting dynamic data sets that allow for participants to zoom, swoop and drill through data in an intuitive interface.  The dynamics of the meetings changed from presenting findings to active discussions where participants spotted patterns in the data, asked questions, shared hypotheses and even engaged in debate. 

An analytics-driven, interactive meeting transforms an onerous activity into an engagement where the right people ask questions, explore topics on the fly, and make discoveries that are vital to the organization.

What if you could bring analytics to your meetings?  It’d be a better contribution than doughnuts. 

Kelley Kassa
Spotfire Blogging Team

Image Credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art

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