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Analytics for Every Action

j04094903 150x150 Analytics for Every ActionWhat did you do?  Why?  Can you explain it?  And will you do the same thing again?  While you’re pondering all those questions, the chances are good that a company using Spotfire analytics has the answers.

Another set of kudos to Information Week, for its May 24  issue exploring how real-time data is changing BI and how features such as ‘embedded business intelligence’ in every activity makes a critical difference.  With enough data, faster and cheaper computer processing speeds and distributed networks of data in the ‘cloud’ or on the desktop there’s no reason NOT to know more.   Companies selling from consulting services to bottled water are recognizing all sorts of things they DIDN’T know about their business.

The web brought us a ‘clickstream’ where every page viewed and pathway to and from a site could be analyzed, now the same kind of knowledge is emerging for companies and daily operations.  In his “Down to Business” column, with the title you see above Rob Preston explains the need for companies to develop an analytics culture.  More than simple curiosity, the culture of inquiry means you’re always on the lookout for data that can help identify and solve problems, unearth opportunities and even predict success rates based on facts not hunches.

Making better decisions, faster and with more reliable and complete information.  That’s what analytics is about and why you’re being encouraged to analyze every action.  That’s a sure way to learn from mistakes and avoid them in the future.

David Wallace
Spotfire Blogging Team

Image Credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art

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One Comment

Francis Carden

Great post. Here at OpenSpan we view “real-time” analytics of “every activity” critical in completing the BI picture. We focus on monitoring enterprise user activity on the desktop that has typically been left out – until now. Client/Server windows, web, java, host, on-premise, hosted or SAAS apps typically could not be monitored and yet users spend their lives interacting with them from their desktops.

Now, this real-time activity does not have to be left out. Right down to a mouse right click, text change, tab, menu select, copy/paste, etc., we catch it all granularly from the desktop- and add it to your BI world.


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