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Mobile BI a Reality with Spotfire for the iPad

sm flat tilt iPad pic 300x296 Mobile BI a Reality with Spotfire for the iPadWhile we strive to bring you provocative insight on what’s happening in the field of data analytics and Business Intelligence through the Spotfire Trends & Outliers blog, sometimes major product announcements deserve a place here.

Truly Mobile BI
Mobility and business intelligence have just recently been used in the same sentence. It started with companies like Tibco building analytics applications that work within the framework of a web browser versus logging into an installed system.

Enter the iPad
While this made access for more users possible and drove costs down, BI was still not that mobile. Tibco Spotfire dashboards were available on smartphones, which did increase mobility. However, the small screen of a BlackBerry, Android or iPhone limits interaction with data.

Until now. In Silver Spotfire’s latest release – Web Player 3.2.1 – Apple iPad users are truly able to experience mobile BI. The latest Silver Spotfire release was developed to support the iPad’s native multi-touch interface, which makes mobile BI and analytics truly available to anyone, anywhere.

In addition to providing access via iPad, users can create mobile analytical apps and dashboards without having to go through time-consuming setup or infrastructure. This is a key factor in considering whether BI is actually mobile.

Adapting Technology to the Mobile Workforce
In addition to giving all users the power of “analytics publishers,” enterprises can benefit from extending Spotfire to their mobile users. This increases the relevance for social BI solutions. Integrating with iPad and other mobile devices is also important with the increasingly mobile workforce.

According to IDC, the number of worldwide mobile workers will reach 1 billion – including nearly 75 percent of the U.S. workforce by the end of next year. With outsourced, contract workers, telecommuting and “bring your own technology programs,” adapting the tools workers use to make decisions every day is a wise investment for any company.

Collaboration the Major Driver
In this online world, collaboration is even more important. Collaborating effectively is a major driver for businesses looking to make the most of disparate teams. Spotfire adds to the effectiveness by helping mobile executives and business user consolidate data sources and visually interact with and analyze data to answer critical business questions.

Release Highlights
Spotfire’s Web Player 3.2.1 allows users:

  • Access to dashboards anywhere, by touch Users get a new visual view of the charts, graphs and tables with ever swipe, pinch or tap on the iPad screen.
  • On-the-run analysis – Whether users are running a predictive analytic application or simply visualizing a trend in data, they have the power of building visualizations and interacting with data on-the-go.
  • Knowledge sharing, location unimportant – In just one click, Spotfire users can now upload and share user-generated visual and interactive dashboards and templates instantly on the iPad tablet with a community of like-minded users. They can also self-publish these fully functional examples by uploading them to Spotfire’s public Web server and then alerting friends and followers through popular social media sites.

Learn More
To learn more about using Spotfire with the iPad and to see dozens of dashboard examples, please visit Also, subscribe to our blog to stay informed on mobile bi and other topics in data analytics.

Amanda Brandon
Spotfire Blogging Team


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This looks like a nice feature to share dashboards on the Ipad. Does it also has the capability to refresh data automatically or there is a manual process?

Trends and Outliers Team

Spotfire iPad dashboards, when accessed, will retrieve the latest data directly from your database. Once retrieved, Spotfire caches the data to allow rapid interactive filtering and drilling on the data.
An alternative configuration option is to schedule the data retrieval at specified intervals rather than at the moment of access. This method accelerates dashboard load times and reduces query traffic on your databases. This configuration also makes it possible for dashboard users to refresh their iPad dashboard with a tap of their finger.


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