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The Next Big Thing In Social BI – Tibbr

logo tibbr 287x196 The Next Big Thing In Social BI   TibbrIt’s no surprise that smart companies are aware and evaluating ways to connect people and technology through social technologies. Julie B. Hunt, a software industry consultant and one of our favorite Tweeps recently explored this in depth on her blog with her call for “social business.” The goal of the social business, she says is to engage “all of the people in an enterprise ecosystem – to bring about better results.” Be sure to check out the in-depth piece.

With this socialization of business in mind, how do we engage all of these people in the ecosystem and cut through the clutter of information? Some companies rely on private Facebook communities, private Twitter feeds, closed LinkedIn Groups or even forums within the security of an Intranet.

Social is a Two-Way Street
However, there’s a problem with these setups. Users either have to go there to seek information or they have to rely on an application to deliver their feeds to an inbox, which quickly takes the social out of a community for users who don’t want to go out there to communicate.

A bigger piece of the puzzle is that these applications only give secondhand information – from a person. While this isn’t the worst situation, it’s not very real-time.

The more ideal situation is to connect people to the systems, processes, applications and subjects to give the most up-to-date information. Social BI applications offer a piece of this, but it still requires a user to take action.

The Truly Social Enterprise
The true social enterprise delivers a reciprocal relationship between users and technology. Users can access data via a social BI platform when they need to make crucial decisions. And, data finds users in real-time that is specific to their role in the organization.

Is There An App for That?
You betcha. Spotfire combined with TIBCO’s new social enterprise platform - tibbr allows companies all over the world to connect people and systems without the data overload.

A Real-Time Opportunity to See Social Business in Action
Join TIBCO Chairman and CEO Vivek Ranadivé, EVP Ram Menon, customers and industry experts for a real-time discussion on social enterprise collaboration. The product launch for tibbr takes place today, January 24, from 10:30 a.m. (PST) to noon at the Terra Gallery, 511 Harrison Street in San Francisco. This event requires free online registration or you can contact Tiffany Anderson at or (650) 846-8737.

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