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Business Intelligence Uses: Analytics to Improve Sales Performance Management for Novartis

j0422803 150x150 Business Intelligence Uses: Analytics to Improve Sales Performance Management for NovartisBusiness intelligence is often thought of as providing data and answers for finance and operations departments.  Yes, that’s how many companies use business intelligence, but many others apply business intelligence in other areas of the company.  For pharmaceuticals, business intelligence provides untold value in analyzing sales metrics – delivering sales performance management.

Novartis was an early adopter of using business intelligence and analytics for sales performance management.  Using highly visual business intelligence software, Novartis can collect and analyze sales and marketing activities against sales objectives. 

What is Novartis tracking?  Business intelligence software is showing Novartis the efficacy of its sales reps by specific metrics.  They are measuring sales reps’ calls, number of days in the field, number of sick days, vacation days, training days and more.  This raw data – from sales performance metrics to physician-level sales data – enables Novartis sales managers and executives to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the sales team.  Novartis can see how sales coverage is optimized, and track which physicians are being overcalled or undercalled. 

In the highly competitive market of pharmaceuticals, Novartis is using business intelligence software for sales performance management.  Read more for the details.

 Kelley Kassa
Spotfire Blogging Team

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