Connect Seamlessly to Your Enterprise Applications

As your organization continues to grow and evolve, so does the underlying technology infrastructure that supports the business. Through its journey, your organization has made capital and resource investments to implement, upgrade, and maintain new systems and applications. As a result, your operational data now resides in a multitude of disparate systems that don’t connect or communicate with one another. How do you harness the value of all your data sources to get the complete picture?<

TIBCO Spotfire Advanced Data Services is your seamless connection and unified, interactive interface to third-party applications for comprehensive visibility into your overall business operations. Advanced Data Services provides instant access to applications including:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • SAP BW
  • Siebel eBusiness Applications
  • Other file, relational, and transactional data sources supported by the Spotfire platform

Spotfire Advanced Data Services is an on-demand data integration platform. It brings high-level abstracts of frequently used business objects from source applications into Spotfire as a single view ready for self-service visual data discovery. By mashing up data from across the enterprise, users are empowered to run analyses and make educated decisions.


  • Data Caching: Caches frequently used data from various enterprise applications and speeds data access to slow data sources.
  • Data Access: Accesses big data sources through its data connector, allowing in-database analytics on the entire dataset without having to bring data into memory.
  • Data Modeling: Accelerates data modeling with a pre-built set of the most common data views for each source application.
  • Access Management: Delivers access management services to the underlying system.
  • Administrative Console: Offers a feature-rich GUI user console that allows the administrative function to monitor queries through the system.
  • Metadata Management: Transforms metadata from source API-based applications and incorporates it into Spotfire’s common metadata layer for dimension free exploration and data mash-up.


  • Improves customer experience management with an unparalleled 360-degree view into a customer’s lifecycle. Extracts data on-demand from packaged enterprise applications and aggregates it with historical data.
  • Eliminates the need to pre-build a data warehouse or data mart for CRM or ERP systems, thereby reducing capital and resource investments for additional infrastructure.
  • Empowers executive and mid-senior level management with greater intelligence and insights on operational practices.