Spotfire Cloud Enterprise:
Enterprise Analytics
Platform as a Services

Spotfire Cloud Enterprise

TIBCO Spotfire ® Cloud Enterprise is an analytics platform as a service. Delivered as a dedicated cloud environment, you receive a secure complete deployment of the TIBCO Spotfire® platform.

Spotfire Cloud Enterprise gives you:

  • A dedicated analytics environment
  • A customizable backend to fit your specific needs
  • Secure connectivity to your network

Components of Spotfire Cloud Enterprise

Components Available for Spotfire Cloud Enterprise

Web Viewing Client

Using your computer or mobile browser, you can view and interact with published analyses. The consumer tools let you dynamically filter analysis, zoom in and out of sets of visualizations, highlight correlations, and drill down and across visualizations.

Web Authoring Client

The browser-based authoring client enables you to build and modify analyses. In just one step and a few clicks, you can upload files; create beautiful, interactive visualizations; and easily share your discoveries. This client provides a shared hosted service for an analyst and/or a small team.

Desktop Analyst Client

Our most advanced desktop tool for the serious data analyst can be quickly downloaded to let you instantly create advanced visualizations, predictive analytics, and forecasting.

Server components

TIBCO Spotfire Automation Services

Spotfire ® Automation Services is a tool for running automated analyses in TIBCO Spotfire. It is built on the Spotfire Platform and lets you automate creation of analysis files and perform a series of actions.
Learn more about Automation Services.

TIBCO Spotfire Statistic Services

Improve your decision-making with TIBCO Spotfire ® Statistics Services. You'll experience the benefits of a full predictive analytics ecosystem without needing any statistical expertise.
Learn more about Statistic Services.

TIBCO Spotfire Advanced Data Services

TIBCO Spotfire ® Advanced Data Services is your seamless connection and unified, interactive interface to third-party applications for comprehensive visibility into your overall business operations.

Learn more about Advanced Data Services.