Spotfire Cloud Work Group:
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Spotfire Cloud Work Group

TIBCO Spotfire ® Cloud Work Group lets agile teams analyze, collaborate, and act on Spotfire visualized data from anywhere. Using a single source of data, hosted on TIBCO Spotfire® Cloud, your team can produce highly visual analyses using a browser on any device.

Bundle ($2000 Annual subscription / $200 monthly subscription)

  • 1 authoring seat
  • 5 private consumer seats
  • Unlimited public sharing
  • 250GB of cloud storage

Product description

  • Designed for a data scientist or small team
  • Offers powerful analytics capabilities including the ability to run statistics and predictive analyses
  • Allows you to upload analyses and data to the cloud, so they can be viewed anywhere
  • Gives you the ability to view results privately, enabling private collaboration
  • Does not focus on authoring dashboards for others (no text area or scripting)
  • Bundles desktop software with a web based client (1 authoring seat and 5 consumers)


Consumer Client

Using your PC or mobile browser, you can view and interact with published analyses. The consumer tools let you dynamically filter analysis, zoom in and out of sets of visualizations, highlight correlations, and drill down and across visualizations.

Business Author Client

Browser-based authoring client allows you to build and modify analyses. Upload files, create beautiful interactive visualizations, and easily share your discoveries with just a few clicks. Enjoy a shared hosted service for an analyst and/or a small team.

Analyst Client

Our most advanced desktop tool for the serious data analyst can be quickly downloaded to let you instantly create advanced visualizations, predictive analytics, and forecasting.


Visualize your results in a variety of ways, including:

  • - Bar charts
  • - Line charts
  • - Tree maps
  • - Cross tables
  • - Combination charts
  • - Pie charts
  • - Scatter plots
  • - Tables
  • - 3D scatter plots
  • - Heat maps
  • - Parallel coordinate plots
  • - Summary tables


Use the Spotfire Analyst client* to connect locally to a variety of systems including:

  • - Microsoft SQL Server
  • - Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
  • - Oracle My SQL
  • - PostgreSQL
  • - Teradata
  • - Microsoft Excel Workbooks (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm)
  • - Comma-separated Values (.csv)
  • - Text (.txt)
  • - Microsoft Access Databases (.mdb, .mde)
  • - SAS Data Files (.sas7bdat, .sd2)
  • - Universal Data Link (.udl), Sfs-file (.sfs)
  • - ESRI Shapefiles (.shp)
  • - Spotfireformats

Advanced Analytic Functions

Advanced functions help you anticipate emerging trends, take preemptive action, minimize risk, and make better decisions while instilling greater confidence in your actions.

  • Box Plots visualize key statistical measures, such as median, mean, and quartiles.
  • Advanced Aggregation Methods summarize data using a library of aggregation and statistical functions.
  • Advanced Custom Expressions create and define your own commonly used formulas and aggregations.
  • Line Similarity determines distance measurements across data points.
  • K-means Clustering partitions data into similar clustered subsets.
  • Hierarchical Clustering organizes and manipulates large data based on distance and/or similarity.
  • Advanced Curve Fitting summarizes and displays a collection of sample data on top of visualizations.
  • Predictive Modeling incorporates regression or classification modeling in your analysis.
  • Data Functions use open-source R formulas on your data for real-time enrichment.
  • Predicted Columns generate additional data into a table column using predictive models.