Predictive power at your fingertips

TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services

Improve your decision making with TIBCO Spotfire® Statistics Services. You'll experience the benefits of a full predictive analytics ecosystem without needing any statistical expertise.

Business professionals can take advantage of the latest, most relevant predictive analytics available to increase their organization's efficiency through self-service, easy-to-interpret analytic results.

For advanced users, Spotfire Statistics Services complements and enhances S+ and R, empowering statisticians to easily visualize their models and analyses and share them across the enterprise.

Unwrap and go!

Get started quickly with a simple to use toolkit containing an array of predictive analytics. In no time, you can turn years of dormant data, as well as your most current information, into opportunities.


  • Easily provide targeted, relevant predictive analytics with interactive visualizations to large, diverse communities of business users
  • Utilize powerful analytic capabilities without astats education
  • Ensure compliance and proper usage
  • Discover meaningful patterns and bring new life to old data
  • Anticipate, then react, to emerging trends and forecast scenarios
  • Reduce uncertainty, manage risk, and boost confidence in decision-making
  • Increase upsell, decrease churn, and spot fraud
  • Integrate R,S+, SAS, and MATLAB into Spotfire and custom applications

You can also put the power of Teradata Aster to work for in-database predictive analytics.

R Flexibility meets Enterprise Stability

When you integrate the enterprise-class, R-compatible statistical engineTIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R, you get the flexibility of open source analytics combined with the stability and scalability needed for business.