Collaborate in Context.

With Spotfire's Advanced
Collaboration Tools.

All. Together. Now.

Few decisions in business are made in isolation. People ask questions, learn new things, make recommendations, and refine their thinking based on interacting with others. It’s an iterative and human process. Spotfire’s contextual collaboration capabilities uniquely support this natural decision-making process – from spontaneous and freeform brainstorming, all the way to decisions made within a formalized workflow – through a new level in social analytics. With Spotfire’s collaborative BI approach, you can capture and socialize moments of insight, ideas, and hypotheses with peers, advisers, and customers – whether in an existing portal or a Spotfire client. From there, you have the power to make more informed and transparent decisions at a more rapid rate. These rich discussions and content provide valuable context for decisions. And because these capabilities are role-based, the analyses are shared securely, are auditable at will, and are preserved over time.