Instantly Visualize,
Interact with,
and Share Data.

With Spotfire Data Discovery
and Visualization.

Explore. Analyze. Discover.

Say you have a traditional business intelligence solution already in place. Maybe more than one, plus statistical packages. Are you truly satisfied with those systems? Or, are you exporting data into spreadsheets like mad and spending huge amounts of time struggling to create charts and graphs that you then email around? It’s a frustrating and unproductive process. Spotfire brings the power of visualization-based data discovery to everyone in your organization - department managers, individual contributors, top execs - everyone. With Spotfire, you can instantly visualize, interact with, and share data so you can spot opportunities and risks buried in the data before anyone else. All without having to ask IT for help.

Nothing is more frustrating to those who want to manipulate data with ease, but find they need to call in and wait for an IT person. Then, the process takes time, as IT struggles with multiple macros to come up with desired results. Yes, IT has its place in the data discovery chain, but for higher productivity and exceptional results, data discovery should be easy enough for anyone to do and use. Spotfire’s visualization-based system is win-win for all who want to find new opportunities that are visually presented in endless combinations that are simple to interact with or share.

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