Deep Predictive Insights

Leverage predictive analytics in every analysis

Predictive Modeling Tools in Spotfire provide deep predictive insights into your data as part of ad hoc analysis. These tools support a full workflow for real predictive modeling--not simply providing a black box--so that you can create unique models to pursue your competitive advantage.


Full Predictive Modeling Workflow

  • Create, evaluate and iterate predictive models
  • Leverage the full interactivity and powerful visualizations of the Spotfire platform
  • Test models on existing data, apply predictions to new data and embed predictive models in applications—all without requiring any R/S+ Programming. 
  • Deploy models to Spotfire web applications with Statistics Services
  • Regression methods to predict numerical data
  • Classification methods to predict categorical data
Self-service data discovery
Extensible Tools for a Predictive Analytic Ecosystem
  • Create your own, custom advanced analytic tools in the Spotfire platform
  • Provide custom tools highly targeted to specific users & workflows to improve productivity, and leverage existing investments in R scripts and other advanced analytics 
  • Use the R language running locally on TERR, or call any of the analytic engines in Spotfire Predictive Analytic Ecosystem