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TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR)

TERR, a key component of Spotfire Predictive Analytics, is an enterprise-grade analytic engine that TIBCO has built from the ground up to be fully compatible with the R language, leveraging our long-time expertise in the closely related S+ analytic engine. This allows customers to continue to develop in open source R, but to then integrate and deploy their R code on a commercially-supported and robust platform—without the need to rewrite their code.

Prototypes are often developed in R, but then typically re-implemented in another language for production purposes because R was not built for enterprise usage. TERR brings enterprise-class scalability and stability to the agile R-language, and enables statisticians to broadly share their analyses through TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services or by directly embedding the TERR engine.

TERR enables customers to rapidly iterate from prototyping to production without wasting time and effort recoding and retesting their analyses, allowing them to more rapidly respond to opportunities and threats, and easily integrate standardized predictive analytics consistently across organization.



   Benefits of TERR

  • Apply consistent models across multiple applications and uses, from prototyping to production--eliminating uncertainty when disparate analytic models
  • Easily compare multiple analytic approaches to find the hidden insights and to make the best decisions--and then broadly leverage these insights across the organization
  • Eliminate time/resources spent re-implementing R code for production, or spent prototyping on an unwieldy platform--Reducing the need for multiple analytic platforms
  • Rapid cycle from prototyping to production to deliver faster time to insight/market. Continual refinement of models and consistent application across organization means everyone is using the right, best analytic
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   Technical Advantages of TERR

  • Higher performance and far more robust memory management that open source R—so that performance is more linear as larger data is analyzed.
  • TERR’s higher performance and more robust memory management enable seamless deployment of R code, opening new possibilities in contexts where the performance of open source R previously limited the production usage of R code.
  • Models can be built in open source R, then deployed to TERR--in R’s native format for model objects--for high-performance scoring/prediction.  TERR frees developers from the limitations associated with representing an R model in a model markup language or SQL.
  • Licensable for embedding and redistribution
  • Architected for ongoing investment, to ensure that TERR meets analytic needs both now and in the future.
  • Broad coverage of core R functionality and CRAN packages, giving customers access to cutting edge analytics in a production environment

  TERR Developer's Edition and TERR Community

  • The free Developer Edition of TERR available through the TERR Community Site enables customers to test their R code prior to deployment and integration
  • The Developer's Edition is a fully-featured TERR engine, limited to Non-Production use. 
  • TERR Community site provides a forum for the feedback, support and collaboration of R/TERR users, and detailed information on topics such as TERR’s coverage of R functionality and CRAN packages.
  • TERR does not aim to replace open source R on developer desktops.  R developers can continue to develop code in open source R, using their preferred development environments.  Code written in open source R can typically be run in TERR without modification.
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   Integration options for TERR

  • TERR in TIBCO Spotfire for tools and  applications powered by advanced analytics
  • TERR in Statistics Services for distributed analytics
  • Embeddable TERR Engine for tight, custom  integration and grid deployment


TERR has wide integration across the TIBCO platform, enabling customers to deploy consistent analytics across their organization:

  • TERR is embedded in Spotfire Professional, where it powers the Predictive Modeling Tools
  • TERR can also be embedded in Spotfire applications, locally under Spotfire Professional, or remotely through Statistics Services.
  • TERR can be embedded in TIBCO Business Events for Complex Event Processing, to provide a scalable, high-throughput, low-latency analytic service, for real-time applications such as Fraud Detection and Customer Scoring. 
  • TERR can post messages to TIBCO's Enterprise Social Networking product, tibbr, enabling TERR/R users to collaborate with their peers, share their results to contribute to ongoing discussions, and easily send notifications of long-running analytic results. 
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