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TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services

With TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services, technical and business professionals gain the benefits of a full Predictive Analytics ecosystem. They gain more confidence in their decisions by using the latest, most relevant predictive analytics available in R, S+, SAS or MATLAB — without requiring them to have deep expertise in statistics. Organizations increase efficiency by leveraging their existing investments in predictive analytics, giving decision makers self-service access to easy-to-interpret analytic results through Spotfire applications. Scarce statistical resources deploy and control access to a centralized repository of R, S+, SAS® or MATLAB® functions, ensuring only the most appropriate and statistically valid analytic methods are used.

For advanced users, TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services also complements and enhances the usage of S+ and R by allowing statisticians to easily visualize the results of their models and analysis and to deploy these models inside Spotfire applications from a central location.

rule-driven visualizations

Predictive Analytics Ecosystem

  • Integration of R,S+, SAS® and MATLAB® into Spotfire and custom applications
  • Leverage your existing analytic investments and skills to improve decision-making across your organization
  • Integration with the new, enterprise-class, R-compatible statistical engine: TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR), which can be run locally under Spotfire Professional for offline use, or remotely through TSSS.
  • Tight integration with the Spotfire platform, as well as open C# and Java APIs for integration of advanced analytics into custom applications
Predictive Analytics Ecosystem
Full Analytic Application Authoring

Full Analytic Application Authoring

  • Easily provide targeted, relevant advanced analytics to large, diverse community of users, combined with the interactive visualization of Spotfire
  • Enable your users to utilize powerful analytic capabilities without needing a stats background
  • Statisticians can ensure compliance & proper usage, while making their work more widely and easily available
  • Easily create and deploy analytic best practices, utilizing the most useful visualizations and predictive analytics

Teradata Aster for in-database Predictive Analytics

  • Utilize the analytic power of Teradata Aster for in-database predictive analytics, from Spotfire applications and TERR scripts
  • Deploy applications to analyze the effectiveness of web content, website “golden path” analysis, and viewer engagement.
  • Avoid unnecessarily moving the data out of the database
Teradata Aster for in-database Predictive Analytics
database analysis, database analytics engines

Easy to get started, easy to maintain

  • Enterprise reliability, with features such as clustering and load-balancing
  • OOTB (Out-of-the-Box) Predictive Analytics enable customers to get started rapidly, leveraging the provided predictive analytics, and to quickly learn from templates and examples.