TIBCO Spotfire for Financial Planning & Analysis

Make better decisions,
spot new opportunities,
avoid risks.

Making smart, timely financial planning and analysis (FP&A) decisions is critical for your success. But without proper financial analytics, standard financial information systems are usually focused on rigid, quarterly reporting, rather than agile financial analysis. This leads executives, product managers, sales managers, and other stakeholders to frequently request quick, ad hoc financial reports to inform important decisions. And this forces FP&A professionals to manually extract and mash up data from multiple systems and create hard-to-manage spreadsheets -- that must be recreated when they are unable to answer the next level of questions from the stakeholder.

This slow pace of financial reporting often means that your issues aren’t surfaced in time to be actionable, forcing important decisions to be made on incomplete data.

Spotfire enables you to:

  • Provide self-service applications and dashboards to monitor, manage and communicate key financial metrics and KPIs, ensuring stakeholders have the information to make better decisions.
  • Help CFOs and other executives track key drivers to their business by easily visualizing costs and revenues side by side, over time, and across categories such as geography, division, product line, and segment.
  • Help treasurers better minimize risk to cash flows by providing a more global view of currency hedging positions.
  • Help finance managers better understand their organization’s overall compliance with critical SOX/SEC requirements and minimize the amount of time external auditors need to spend examining data.
  • Employ advanced analytic techniques for scenario planning and forecasting future performance.