TIBCO Spotfire
for Human

Better manage human capital
with powerful HR analytics.

As a Human Resources professional, you are increasingly being held accountable for delivering measurable value to the business.

But competition for skilled workers is a real threat to business viability, making it more important than ever to retain and engage high-performers. Faced with shrinking margins, organizations either have to cut costs (by reducing workforce) or get better performance out of existing resources. This requires first understanding what factors motivate employee performance, and then creating appropriate compensation and incentive plans that both motivate and reward performance.

In a survey of over 200 executives, McKinsey found that the companies scoring in the top third in talent management were also nearly 40% more profitable per employee than companies that scored in the bottom third in talent management.

Additionally, in today’s volatile economic climate, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), reductions in force (RIFs) and outsourcing are no longer rare events. Planning for—and coping with—such rapid and fundamental organizational changes requires better visibility into the state of the workforce, and increased HR agility.

So, it's imperative that you improve the way your human capital is managed and align your workforce with executive management’s goals.

Spotfire can help you by providing fact-based talent management and bridging the multitude of HR operational systems, ultimately producing the insights you need to meet your organizations’ goals and objectives.

Workforce Budgeting & Planning

Spotfire empowers HR executives and managers to:

  • Have a comprehensive view of headcount, salary, performance & financials by combining data from HR and Finance systems
  • Develop insight into workforce costs, recruiting efficiency & attrition by analyzing metrics such as hiring & payroll costs, time-to-fill, and vacancy rates themselves
  • Align staffing with strategic corporate goals by having visibility into turnover and recruiting across region, business unit and function

Talent & Performance Management

Spotfire enables HR executives to:

  • Develop clear visibility into employee performance by benchmarking groups against corporate and external standards across multiple metrics
  • Align performance with strategic goals by having instant visibility into performance across region, business unit and team
  • Increase HR influence & agility by aligning HR with business partners through data-rich decision support

Retention Modeling

Spotfire enables HR executives and managers to:

  • Develop real-time insight into the effect of changes to macro and micro employment conditions on retention
  • Identify and manage risks to corporate objectives by proactively identifying key employees with high probability of attrition
  • Optimize retention program for impact & costs by conducting cost-benefit analysis of corrective action by simulating outcomes of different retention program scenarios