TIBCO Spotfire
for Marketing

Give your brand the analytical

Spotfire fulfills the analytic requirements of your entire marketing organization, from senior executives to front line marketing employees. With Spotfire, you can build comprehensive customer profiles, identify unique customer segments, analyze key campaign metrics, and consequently run more effective marketing campaigns. In turn, Spotfire helps you support the entire customer lifecycle from customer acquisition to relationship growth to customer retention.

Campaign Effectiveness & Strategy

Spotfire enhances the effectiveness of your marketing campaign by:

  • Building comprehensive customer profiles by integrating data from various operational and marketing data sources and applications.
  • Identifying and targeting unique customer segments and customizing the message for each.
  • Empowering marketing professionals to ask and answer their own questions of the data to improve targeting and response rate.
  • Providing marketing executives the ability to explore various scenarios and their impact through predictive analytics.

Campaign Analysis

Spotfire provides your executives with clear visibility into campaigns by:

  • Analyzing key metrics such as number of leads and conversion rates by all relevant dimensions.
  • Monitoring the performance by campaign and channel to identify successful initiatives and strategies.
  • Empowering them to drill down to granular details of customer segments, leads and response rates to better understand drivers for campaign success.
  • Collaborating on topics such as campaign strategy, segmentation and status to make more informed and transparent decisions.