TIBCO Spotfire
for Sales

Find new opportunities,
spot new trends, get the
analytical edge

Spotfire is a universal analytics platform that helps companies quickly identify new opportunities, detect emerging trends, and make smarter decisions with interactive dashboards, sales analytic apps and data visualizations.

With the help of Spotfire, sales organizations using automation tools such as Salesforce.com can be more effective by seamlessly accessing and enhancing sales data, increasing pipeline visibility and improving the performance of the entire sales force.

Pipeline Visibility & Sales Productivity

Spotfire empowers sales executives to improve the productivity of their salesforce by:

  • Seamlessly accessing and enhancing data from various operational and sales data sources.
  • Developing clear visibility into sales activities, leads, opportunities and deal status by all relevant dimensions.
  • Reducing the time spent on preparing pipeline reports.
  • Responding to opportunities quickly by making mid-stream corrections.

Performance Management

Spotfire enables you to effectively manage the performance of your salesforce and improve the accuracy of your forecasts by:

  • Providing visibility into sales rep productivity by all relevant dimensions.
  • Applying various scenarios to sales data and determine their impact to arrive at better decisions.
  • Collaborate on topics such as sales pipeline, deal status and competition to make faster, more informed decisions,