TIBCO Spotfire
for Government

Make better, smarter,
faster decisions for the
good of the people.

TIBCO Spotfire provides an incredibly fast and flexible environment for analyzing critical data allowing government agencies to make better and smarter decisions at a significantly lower cost. With powerful in-memory analysis, predictive modeling and a highly visual and intuitive browser interface, Spotfire gives you the ability to rapidly explore and understand your data.

Spotfire government analytics is an easy-to-use tool that creates lightning fast answers and analysis of complex data. Cut costs and save time while you explore a broad range of reporting and intelligence analysis. Improve communication effectiveness with interactive pictures instead of hard to digest complex text or tables. Spotfire government analytics lowers IT costs and can replace other bulky solutions completely. This software is already in use in many of the highest levels of government agency security departments for intelligence reporting, analysis of security matters and cyber crime detection. It is the high tech way to provide visible results all users can understand.

Spotfire’s government analytics tools are the opposite of running search engines in that they automatically let you discover what you don’t know but recognize when you see it. TIBCO Spotfire gives you the ability to communicate meaning faster and provide better comprehension with interactive pictures than with textual documents or big complex tables.

TIBCO Spotfire automatically captures implicit knowledge and preserves the best of the best practices you need to be responsive to your mission. End users or consumers with just a thin browser and without training can have the latest data of any type collected at their fingertips by just clicking on an icon. You can answer questions such as what has happened in the last 10 minutes or over the past 24 hours without putting a strain on your IT resources over and over. You can also have notifications automatically sent based on business processes and associated rules.

TIBCO Spotfire’s BI and Analytics Platform for the enterprise is the ideal software to re-engineer all business processes and offer the opportunity to reduce the number of different applications being run. In some cases TIBCO Spotfire BI and Analytics can replace as many as 10 point or custom solutions lowering the burdens on IT and costs to the organization.

There are over 65 US Government agencies presently using TIBCO Spotfire including the CIA, DIA, INSCOM, NGA, DARPA, DTRA and several civilian agencies, and we are certified and accredited to run on DoD's classified networks (JWICS, SIPRNET and NIPRNET).

TIBCO Spotfire is used by the government in:

  • Intelligence Reporting
  • Human Intelligence
  • Geospatial Intelligence
  • Signals Intelligence
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Network Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • Cyber Crime
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Fraud Detection
  • Infrastructure Linkage Analysis
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • Finance
  • Executive Briefings
  • Budgeting
  • HR

Executive Insight

Big data holds big opportunities. We help you reveal them.
Spotfire helps the world’s leading organizations transform their businesses by quickly delivering actionable insights.
With Spotfire, you can:

  • Boost awareness for your top brands in specific markets
  • Maximize performance and revenue across all your products
  • Reduce costs and risks by streamlining your operations
  • Increase agility by introducing new products to market more quickly
  • Foster innovation to consistently stay ahead of your competition

Always agile and powered by data-driven decisions, the best organizations anticipate opportunities and risks more effectively than their competitors. The secret to many of their successes is Spotfire. Get Spotfire and turn your big data into your biggest asset.