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Spotfire helps the world’s leading life science companies discover new therapeutics, develop their pipeline of assets, launch products to market, and align sales and marketing campaigns.

Research and Development

We have entered into an exclusive strategic relationship with PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment to ensure that the TIBCO Spotfire platform continues its leadership in analytics for scientific R&D data. As such, PerkinElmer has licensed the exclusive, worldwide rights to the TIBCO Spotfire® software platform in certain scientific research and development markets.

These markets include basic and preclinical development applications in life sciences as well as R&D, quality assurance and quality control applications in chemical, petrochemical, environmental, food and beverage, consumer products and academia.

TIBCO will remain the source of licenses and support outside of the markets described above for applications such as clinical trial and commercial analytics. We encourage you to visit THE place for Spotfire in Research and Development.



The industry challenges:In order to reduce costs, maintain market share and increase revenue, life science companies face increasing pressure to bring new products to market in the shortest possible time. There is a need to extend approved products franchise into new indications and dosing regimens to continue to deliver a return to shareholders. Competition from generic drugs following patent expiration has resulted in increasing market pressure on profit margins and a corresponding need for new products. The regulatory bar around product safety continues to rise, thus safety issues must be addressed by looking at data early and often and clinical operations must be simplified and streamlined to reduce cost.

The Spotfire solutions:What makes Spotfire unique and powerful is the ability to produce interactive visualizations that allow the user to easily explore the data and ask a multitude of what-if questions. With Spotfire your clinical development teams can quickly visualize and interact with enormous volumes of operational, clinical and safety data in a single interface to support forward-looking decisions, rather than retrospective results tracking. Spotfire can also streamline clinical trial data analysis with real time access to clinical data during all phases of clinical development, allowing you to interact with the data as soon as it is collected.

Sales and Marketing

The need to maximize commercial operations has never been at a more critical point to increase the return on investments from very expensive drug development initiatives. Using analytics for commercial operations, life science companies must be able to capitalize on existing markets in the United States and Europe as well as take advantage of the rapidly growing market for therapeutics in emerging markets. Spotfire provides commercial analytic solutions that help you improve marketing, sales, and promotional effectiveness by making it faster and easier to analyze multi-source data and to quickly uncover hidden opportunities and risks in the market. With Spotfire, you develop a deeper understanding of your target markets, consumer trends, and competitors, and can deploy more effective sales and marketing strategies.

Additionally, with Spotfire, you can quickly and visually analyze external pharmaceutical industry data sources, such as data from IMS®, Verispan®, and Wolters Kluwer®, as well as internal call/sample/detail data from SFA and CRM systems, such as Siebel® and Dendrite®. Any analyses and applications you create can be instantly shared and used by other decision makers in the organization, such as field managers doing territory planning or Medical Science Liaisons.

Executive Insight

Big data holds big opportunities. We help you reveal them.
Spotfire helps the world’s leading organizations transform their businesses by quickly delivering actionable insights.
With Spotfire, you can:

  • Boost awareness for your top brands in specific markets
  • Maximize performance and revenue across all your products
  • Reduce costs and risks by streamlining your operations
  • Increase agility by introducing new products to market more quickly
  • Foster innovation to consistently stay ahead of your competition

Always agile and powered by data-driven decisions, the best organizations anticipate opportunities and risks more effectively than their competitors. The secret to many of their successes is Spotfire. Get Spotfire and turn your big data into your biggest asset.