The Analysts Have Spoken

Spotfire’s unique solutions quickly turn data into meaningful insights for business.



“… they may question the need for a data warehouse. But the software doesn’t have as wide a range of features as other stand-alone, self-service BI offerings such as Tibco’s Spotfire, Sallam says.” – Rita Sallam, Vice President, Gartner [SOURCE: CIO Magazine


“Business users want meaningful insights, not data. They want to see the most relevant information to the business event at hand, as well as the capabilities to socialize the meaning of the data. The in-context and socialization capabilities within Spotfire 4.0 are what we see organizations requesting. The ability to ‘place data’ within a specific scenario is what quickly enables organizations to pinpoint what’s important and what should be acted upon.” - Dan Vesset, vice president of business analytics at IDC [SOURCE: TIBCO Spotfire 4.0 press release]

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